Chuck's Jaguar D Type Build


I would be speculating, but I suspect that space was a void between the rear wall and the frame supporting the seat backs and the hole was added to provide access to a bit of space to stow the I Phone or house keys, or to provide access to the junction box located just above it, or both.

Note the 'floor' which suggests it was indeed a useable spot in this pic Ryan snapped at Goodwood last September. Good place to toss the I Phone or the house keys in our reproduction!

This was touched on a few posts back, but I decided to take a bit of a chance and I bought a GM 35 amp mini alternator off of Amazon for about $60. It’s crazy small to say the least. I made a very temporary bracket setup on my engine to see how it performs when I finally get this thing running on my run stand. If it performs well, I’ll get the graph paper and design a more permanent mounting method after I get the engine sitting in the actual chassis. It certainly doesn’t look ‘period’ but I think it’s potentially a great solution considering the limited space. There are other minis with higher amps and prices, but since this was more of a ‘proof of concept’ experiment, I went low budget.

I’ll post an update if it’s a success.

I haven’t decided yet if I’ll go with one belt or two when it’s time to finalize things. Any suggestions?View attachment 107814
View attachment 107816

Randy V

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My apologies for the intrusion here but — Doug, do you have your own Build Log going here? If not, please feel free to get one started so we can get Chuck’s Build Log back on track....
My apologies for the intrusion here but — Doug, do you have your own Build Log going here? If not, please feel free to get one started so we can get Chuck’s Build Log back on track....
As Chuck had written many pages ago, information sharing is the ultimate goal here. If I was skewing his build thread way off track, it wasn’t my intention. It also wasn’t my intention to have three posts and really big pictures, but my iPhone wasn’t behaving with the site for some reason, and the forum software won’t allow you to delete your own posts. So for that, at least, I am sorry.

Alternator options that fit the D-Type reproduction had been discussed previously, and I had a potentially easy and budget friendly solution. This is information I thought I would share, since I have no doubt that there are people following this thread who are thinking of investing in their own RCR D-Type.

Chuck is certainly free to delete any post of mine and I would not be offended.

Ian Anderson

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With that 2 belt system how do you adjust belt tension?
Much simpler on a single belt where you move alternator?
With a 2 belt system how do you tell if you throw a water pump belt, before you see steam damage engine?
Single belt the charge warning comes on immediately .... single would get my vote.

Definitely valid point and I'll most likely do that. Alternator experimentation was an afterthought for the run stand, so I left the water pump belt setup as is. When I get my kit and the engine goes in, it'll get a redesign... assuming it actually works ok.

Randy V

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It would be my preference if Build Logs were maintained by the Builder that owns the log. Many build logs are started months if not years before the actual car construction itself begins - please feel free to start one of your own Doug and make references to it with links in here. This way we keep the logs center-focused on the builder's own advances. Thank you.
Chuck - my apologies for the thread contamination here - please carry on sir...