Classic Car Developments Chassis #3

I keep coming back to these pictures as the quality of the chassis looks to be excellent. I searched the internet to find more about Classic Car Developments and did not find anything. Can you post some contact information?
Brian, Looks great! What type of steel are you using and are the plans going to be available some day?? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif

Brian Stewart
Thanks for the comments Pat and Bill. As I recall the tub is being made out of 23 and 21 gauge zinc coated mild steel, but it would pay to check with Dave on that. You would also need to check with Dave re drawings.... His contact details are:

Classic Car Developments
17 Howarth St
New Zealand
Ph/Fax 64 3 215 6893

Email: [email protected]

Brian Stewart
The prototype (which we'll call #0 because, although it looked like an original monocoque, it was marginally incorrect in a number of dimensions) went to an Australian customer some years ago. I'll post a picture of the fisnished car when I get home tonight. #1 Went to a second Australian customer, a regular poster on the forum, who can identify himself if he wishes. #2 went to Jim Rosenthal in the US, another Forum member (hope you don't mind me pointing you out Jim - you can see the chassis on Jim's identifier). #s 4 and 5 are destined for the UK and the fifth one (which has only just been started) has been ordered by another Australian client.

Brian Stewart
Yeah, thanks Pete - let's not mention the rugby world cup again.... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/crazy.gif

Cheers, Brian.

Robert Logan

Defunct Manufactuer - Old RF Company
I am the owner of chassis # 1. I like being first but this was suposed to be the first of 10. Different story.

The first car #0 was built for a friend of mine here in Melbourne and has been sold on to a very well known collector here in Melbourne. My company has done some work on the car and it was after I had seen this car for the first time I placed my order. Some FOUR years later it was delivered but these times are much much lower now.

I originally planned to build my own monocoque but with almost 18 months in back orders for my cars when I ordered the car, obviously time was at short supply. I collected the car non finished this April and have done little with it for time reasons but also because of some poor quality welding (everybody can have a bad day). It looks like that we will cut out the bad welds and repair but I must say that I was dissapointed. Please let me say that when I asked Jim (chassis #3) about the welding he was very happy so I assume that the welder has been sacked or something.

This car will be finished for me and I have collected lots or original parts including engine and ZF. I hope that this car is only the next step from my Roaring Forties space frame to an ORIGINAL GT40 which is I supose all our dreams !!!!!

Overall the quality of work by David is very good with the reservation of welding but I was very impressed with his GT40 knowledge and his attention to detail. I believe that the major problem that David had was with the roof and how to tackle the problem. I have in my staff a "air frames" skinner who is starting on our car in the new year. I am likely to start again but I am yet to confirm that, TIME blody TIME is always the problem.

Best wishes,


Brian Stewart
Good to hear from you Robert. Dave has had a change in staff and weld issues appear to be a thing of the past. I am certainly impressed with the effort that has gone into my tub and have no quibbles with the quality of the job. All of the bottom joins are beautifuly seam welded to prevent the ingress of moisture and, as can be seen from the pictures, the other welds look great. The roof issue appears to have been solved also, with roof sections being pressed overseas to be mated to an accurate rear bulkhead that Dave fabricates in-house.

Yes, time is always a problem, for us all. I know there were concerns with your tub re the amount of time it took, but one has to remember that Dave was starting very nearly from scratch and wanted to get things accurate - hence an awful lot of time spent doing research and confirming the accuracy of measurements (not always a straitforward task). With the staff change mentioned above and all measurements now known, plus CNC laser cutting of many parts rather than hand cutting and forming, the time taken to produce a tub has been reduced dramatically. I guess we owe you one for being so patient and acting as the guinea pig. I hope you can get back to your monocoque sometime soon . It would be nice to have a couple of them in this part of the world.

Best wishes, Brian.
Hi Guys

Roy and I are having chassis 4 and 5 and we are the people pressing the original roof panels inner and outer.


I have the chassis after Robert Logan's, whatever number that is, I guess I am 2 or 3. I thought it was very well done. It took a long time to get but I think David has quickened the pace quite a bit. I suspect they are going to get better every time he does one.

Brian Stewart
Hi Mike,

That's a question best put to Dave. As the chassis become more and more refined and the production techniques become clearer, so the price gets adjusted. I suspect what Robert paid is different to what Jim paid, is different to what I'm paying, etc.

Since you talk to Dave regularly, perhaps you can ask.
This is more for informational purposes.
His mono is out of my league....but would like to compare
with ERA for example as an idea what "originality" costs
these days. Thx.

I think ERA make a fine product but as far as originality goes a David Brown tub is closer by far to original. Mind you, I have not compared them side by side. Not that there is anything wrong with an ERA chassis, they are very well made and they have a lot of experience.
By the way, my tub is supposed to be here in the USA within a month or so, and then maybe we'll get to begin putting it together. The car has already been tentatively invited for an event in September so I'd better get moving... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif
I see that Jim lists a Safir MkI body. Will Dave Brown build your body? I talked to him a couple years ago about a Jaguar C type replica. I know his C type is one of the very best. Thanks.