Classic Car Developments Chassis #3


Sorry...I did not mean to imply that ERA was equivalent.
Anyone examining both would see the differences.
Originality comes in many stages, starting with space
frame chassis to simple monos (CAV) to more complex monos
(ERA) to really accurate monos (Holman/Moody).

My question is how much more would someone expect to pay
for a chassis like yours from Dave Brown (assuming he is
in the business) compared to ERA? If Dave is not in the
business of selling these beauties, then my question
would of course not be valid.

Probably the biggest difference is that David will sell a chassis, ERA will not, as far as I know- they only sell complete cars. As to bodywork, I began my project with the intent to get the body from Safir Engineering who own the original John Wyer molds. Everyone who has seen the chassis has been complimentary about the build quality. Honestly I think that Brian's looks a little better than mine- Dave is rapidly improving, not that it was poor to start with. Mine is about done, in the UK, and due to come here tot he US in a few weeks. Maybe then I can have my own build page, when things really begin to happen...
I forgot to mention, the profile picture to the left shows the sections of my GT40s body set out after they were made, roughly in the position they would be on the car, outside Safir's mold shop.

Brian Stewart
Another little piece of the jigsaw puzzle completed. As this build progresses I'm realising more and more what a work of art these chassis are. It would have been so easy to have simply used a heavy, flat piece of steel as an engine mount....


Brian Stewart
Dave Brown had his latest chassis at a car show here in Dunedin on Saturday. Just thought I'd share a few pictures....


Brian Stewart
Still pottering along Jonny. Engine finished and now gathering together the myriad bits and pieces needed to progress. I'll post some more photos when I have something interesting to post....


Brian Stewart
No Jim. Cluttering up the bench in the garage instead. Carmen draws the line at having car bits inside. Can't complain though - she was the one who suggested I start this project...

Russ Noble

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Wow, that's some woman! Lucky Brian. She hasn't got a sister by any chance?! ;)

Good to see you're still finding bits. Are you expecting the chassis any time soon? Cheers.

Brian Stewart
Hopefully in the garage by the end of the year Russ. And yes, she has two sisters....
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Find out if any of them want to move to the USA....we can offer mediocre scenery (compared to NZ), a high crime rate, traffic jams, and an unstable economy. Who could refuse a package like that? Oh, and a middle-aged doctor preoccupied with cars...