CR6ZZ tires in Canada

Have finally decided to pull the pin on getting a set of AVONs for my GT40. Unfortunately, living in Canada, it seems that on top of the high cost of the tires, there will be significant import duties to be paid. Does anyone on the forum have experience with buying/importing AVONs and minimizing the costs?


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A Pantera owner I know takes a weekend drive across the border and comes back with new tires....
We can help with installation of Avons on your GT. If you want to take a short road trip we are 30 minutes form the Queenston border. We have arranged "Arrive and Drive" installations before. You order the tires from Sasco, have them shipped to us. We will take them for mounting and balancing while you wait and then reinstall the tire/wheel package on your car. What you do at Canada Customs is between you and your god......
Thanks Rick, I wish I'd known. I was in the Niagara Falls area last month so could have arranged and come over then. I'll probably wait now until the end of the summer depending on how the situation looks. Due to family reasons I just can't take the chance on getting infected.
Obviously until the boarder re-opens this will not work. Let us know if we can help. The only cost is the sublet mounting/balancing, we don't do it in house.