Creaking noise when turning wheel on SPF


Seems to have gotten worse and heat seems to make it worse. Can hear very loud in the car. Outside can hear too. Anyone every experience this? Is there a bushing that goes bad? Something to lubricate?
Hi. Most likely a loose wheel bearing, very common for them to get loose. Jack the car and rock the wheel and if you can feel the noise, thats the problem. Otherwise check for tyre clearance on full lock.
Lower front ball joint. Remove spindle nut and free ball joint from spindle. Remove retaining/adjusting cap from the bottom of the ball joint. Then remove the lower cup and push the ball joint out through the bottom. Use a pick to remove the upper cup. Clean all the pieces and inspect for wear, replace if worn. Drill and tap a hole in the center of the retaining/adjusting cap and thread in a grease zerk. Reassemble with assembly lube, adjust and grease.