dealer only numbered gt pic with sealed dealer book only

David Morton

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Nah Graham. Keith is only kidding. Jock is a bit lighter than that. She told me she had dieted and was now down to 20st. She is really nice and can recite Paradise Lost without any prompting. ( Thats by John Milton if any of you need to look it up)

Ron Earp

Bio said the guys was around 40 years old. You'd think someone of that age would show a little maturity in public.


Damn! Graham, You fucked her too?

(yes she could recite PL and shag whilst gluggin a pint of port, it's true)

ER, strike that - the Boss has alluded to maturity... Alert! Alert! Forum Polis present.... please leave the Paddock by the nearest slide chute and ensure you are not wearing nylon knickers....