Direct injection standalone ecu

Does anyone know a company that makes such a device for a Direct Injection engine (petrol flat 6) seemed to have drawn a blank so far.
Have you checked the latest from Megasquirt or Motec?
E-mailed the uk agent for Motec, no reply as yet, will try the Megasquirt bods.
I have the engine, engine loom and ecu but not the key/barrel (i believe this is coded into the ecu) the salvage company have the remainder of the loom (I have bought this) but no column/key/barrel!! So looks as if I shall have to purchase key etc and get it coded in by a porsche bod. I am just a little worried about the CANBUS wiring on the thing as a lot of features on a Porsche Boxster s I will not be using on my car!!
Engine is a 3.4 dfi Porsche Boxster s 2009
Have found these bods, seem to offer what i`m after, not found out about price yet, suspect will need to be sitting down when I do mind!!!
Life Racing Limited

But will have a look at the last 2 mentioned, megasquirt work but would involve stuff not done before and am not skilled in that area.
regards C