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As for Rosberg being a wuss, I agree to an extent but he achieved his lifetime goal, honoured his parents and was never ever going to be able to do it again, so I tip my hat in his direction as a somewhat brave move but I can understand why some people might think the fans have been cheated. QUOTE]

Pulling out when facing a tough next season isn´t an act of bravey, is it? :stunned:

More than you might think. He faces media vilification and 'trial by internet' for the rest of his natural life with the record books showing that he ducked out after winning WDC just the once, so yeah, it's brave. Let's imagine that he carries on in 2017 and fails miserably, he then faces the same levels of critique so why not quit while ahead? Surprisingly, most former champions back Rosberg's decision, with Mansell being the notable exception.
Hmm, seems you exactly reflect on his wussy attitude which is him giving the fight lost before it has even started.

No wonder Mansell disapproves as he has been a fighter (albeit with a bit of showmanship here and there :laugh2: )
For some people the realisation that the thing that once seemed so important is really quite pointless, completely unimportant and a huge risk to your family's future, is enough to make all the bs weakling barbs from anonymous internet entities and whingy arrogant ex-competitors meaningless and irrelevant. Not to mention looking at the competition and realising the slide into morbidly obese ego and arrogance that has befallen many of them.
Then realise that some of the people you are risking your life with are children willing to risk everything and everyone because they don't understand what they have to lose or that other people are living lives of their own and that they matter.
Just looking at his ex teammate would be enough to make me walk away thankful that I avoided that fate.
I don't blame him one bit.

I don't think it's bravery to walk away, I just think those that attack him for doing this are irrelevant to him, as they should be.

I agree Tim 100% he's not broke, has climbed the mountain, so now its time to have a life and enjoy his family. while I never won a world championship I did win a NZ national title and did exactly the same thing, walked away, the time was right and I had a very young family, it was all about priorities.
some people have absolutely no idea how much time away from family is sacrificed to compete at that level.


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I have to admit can't wait to see the new cars on the track, with the more aggressive look to them next year. It's been a while since I've felt excited about the visual changes made to F1 cars in the last couple of decades.
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Terry Oxandale

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So who can formulate a forecasting competition for the whole season this year ?

I suck at this, so let me throw this out, and then you guys can improve it.

Prior to a race, the group submits a pre-race prediction, with points being assigned for their predictive 1st through 4th place (or whatever placing). Then the actual race result points are subtracted from the pre-race prediction (place for place). That difference is converted to absolute values and summed up as total points for that weekend. The participant with the least points at the end of the season gets the valuable reward. Obviously this places more importance on predicting placing, and not as much on driver wins.

Things you may want to change is adding more places to total, such as:
1) Deciding how far in advance the submission deadline is (before practices, before qualifying, after qualifying, etc)
2) Qualifying prediction/results
3) Team standings
4) Most laps led
5) Penalty points assigned as acquired by that driver's race penalties
6) End of season prediction before season starts (bonus points here)
7) Etc. Whatever you guys want.
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Really nice idea Terry but i think it's a tad complex for the Paddock. To simplify it, you need to include a gun review, a racist rant (mention of a Wall will bring bonus points) and an uberliberal LGBT dissertation. Only then will F1 become not only global but soft & squidgy...