Fat Larry's GTR Build

So after a lot of research and back and forth with the premiere builders of the Ecoboost Motor I pulled the trigger on a state of the art ECU system to run this motor Danzio Performance will be building my system and since I am the first to put this engine in one of these cars need I say you always pay to be first this should be interesting to say the least.
So back in the garage again today trying to finish up some odds and ends so I can start wiring soon wrapped the exhaust and put in the rear spoiler struts and boned all of the light support plates


Ron McCall

I think that is the car Ron McCall built for a customer recently. The unique shifter and side mirrors come to mind.
Larry is correct. The car belongs to Dean Lampe. Ken is also correct. The Vitaloni mirrors and Numeric shifter ( with custom reverse lockout) was sourced through me.