Fling SLC Build Thread

Joel K

Love it! Roof scoop, hood air extracter and the side vent fin as well as the sealed headlamps. Going to look fantastic once it is painted u.
Picking car up from painter as soon as it dries out in a day or so. Then off to interior shop. This has taken forever. However, I have some pretty cool mods. I look forward to showing you some of the interior lighting "stuff". In the mean time, I am scheming in my next project. One thought is to create a new body for the SLC. Another is to build an older Indy car. We will see. Here is an idea for a new body...
Cleaned up wiring with a different loom. I have been driving the chassis before the body is finalized in place. Just making sure there are no issues before it gets sealed up. The gated shifter is amazing. The edges were machined smooth and polished. I can literally shift the gears with two fingers. One of my favorite add ons.