Ford 302 installation with front end low

I'm sure this has been chewed over before but can't find it anywhere.

Looking to install a 302 with the crankshaft centre line NOT parallel to the ground.
The front end being lower than the rear.
Is this going to cause any issues with regard to air locks or flow difficulties within the coolant or oil system?
The ideal angle for my installation is 5 deg although I'm expecting other constraints to limit this to 3 deg.

All due to using a non-typical transmission and having the driveshaft angles too extreme.

Mike Pass

This will not be a problem. My engine is down by about 4 degrees and has been running well for 20 years. All you need to do is fit a small diameter air bleed into both sides of the inlet manifold, connect them to T piece and run the line back to the coolant reservoir. Use grease to pick up the swarf from the drill and tap. This bleeds any air that collects at the high part of the engin and takes it back to the coolant tank.
The other thing to do is fit a wedge plate under the carb to bring it level. An insulated one will keep heat away from the carb.I will try and post a pic tomorrow.

Howard Jones

Ya do that. Here's a old diagram illustrating how the air purge system was done in the original cars more that 60 years ago. The rear intake ports were added later by those of us who built GTD's back in the day. GTD's did have a front lower engine angle unless things got altered. I did mine like that 20 years ago.

Anyway here's the goods and a few pictures I found on the net.

Cooling system diagram.jpg