Ford F3L and David Piper

I have the full set of prints from Len Bailey for the body shape of the car. At the present time I am putting them in CAD format since they are not in the best of shape because of the paper being so old. I would be interested in trading some of these for other prints to the car.
New F3L

Engine Ford small block
Transmission ZFQ
Owner Dont Ask
Location Dont Ask.



Thanks Chris!
Very professionally done, must be nice to have those resources at hand (whomever the owner/developer is).
Thanks Chris for the awsome photos.
Talk about the dream job, vancy being involved in the building of such a rare piece of automotive history.

..just wanted to complement a few pictures of the work on the honeycomb-body. In two months time, when I am not so busy any more, we will finish the job on the body by doing the ply-layup on the front (tough...) and the doors (piece of cake..). If you people are interested to see pictures of the progress, I will keep posting pictures.


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David Morton

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If you people are interested to see pictures of the progress ?
Leopold - this is clever stuff and very few of us can do anything along these lines.
I speak for myself of course.....
Keep Posting please.
Well thanks for all the good nd nice comments, guys.

I can provide some pictures of the current state of the monocoque development (it will be originally looking from the outside but heavily numerically optimized):
I use similar proceedings as in my masterthesis. Purpose of all this is to get it as light as possible but also stiff to attain the highest driving-quality possible with metal design. I started with making up a design space, which can be occupied by structure. This design space was then meshed in order to obtain mechanical results from it and then I put it thrugh a topology optimization. This does kind of the same as growing does in bones. And the results showed that a thinwalled substructure (as in the Ferrari 330P3/4) made up of tubing fulfills the strength- and torsional stiffness constraints most optimal. These results are quite "rough" (as you can see in the pictures), but that doesn't matter as you only need it to place your redesigned structure. This first optimization does not account for eigenfrequencies (vibration) and dynamics, so after the discrete redesign (as you cans see in the pictures) I am at the moment pre-optimizing wall thicknesses of the tube-substructure. This is then fit in certain areas with sheet metal in order to get the original look, high eigenfrequencies and - most importantly - dry clothes when you drive in rain. So I hope in the end I will have a design for a monocoque weighing approx. 120-130 lbs AND having a torsional stiffness of at least 10000 kNm/deg. Sorry for the metric number, I was to lazy to convert it (must be something around 14000 ft lb/deg).
I hope the pictures explain some of it.

This work is really exhausting as you keep typing numbers and design surfaces, but I hope in two to three months time I can do the laser cutting, welding and fitting of all that stuff in real. Looking forward to it...

Thanks for your interest.


Thanks for the comments, guys.
F3L: yes, the mono is in the state of being optimized at the moment. The results I posted in the previous post are from a preliminary step, I am currently working on the sheet metal mono. I currently crank on the casting parts and the last composite bits in order to finish off the mouldmaking.
I came across this picture which I made the other day. It is a quite nice comparison of the tail of the F3L and the GT40. Our F3L tail weighs a bit more than 25lbs without filler & paint, including all the bulkheads and fittings, although it is quite large.


Hi Leo

what is your target weight for the finished car? I suspect it will be close to 1750lbs?
which will give you a great power to weight ratio.