FS EU LeMans Grill sets

Andy Green

Back by popular demand……& a site supporter
Firstly, I’d like to thank the people who’ve offered their support, as I try and help them with their builds.
Secondly I’m only looking to supply these parts, as there’s a genuine interest in the what I’ve done regarding quality. I previously supplied these off the back of my build and I was a forum supporter during this period. I also get that it takes the sponsors & forum supporters to keep this site going. However, if I’m under-cutting someone on price, or more likely a POA, tough, it’s the nature of a competitive market place.
At least I’m on here making it clear what I can offer, as opposite to an anonymous website, with only a photo, everything is POA and then vetted to see if I’m worthy of having said parts on what may be a replica.
It’s the likes myself and my apparent other co-conspirators, i.e. owners & builders, who are a major life-blood to this site. What I don’t get is the ‘holier than thou’ attitude of some of the site sponsors, with some of us, who are happy to build own a lesser replica/evocation ’40. We all have the same goals, unfortunately some of us have smaller pockets for our dreams.

A set of three panels (one upper & 2 lower panels) as pictured for £80/set + postage

These are water cut (a better process for cutting thin materials than a laser) from 1.5mm 1050 grade aluminium, then pressed using a CNC’d press tool to give the correct and consistent rolled edge on the openings. To aid a few people, the 9-hole upper grille is also now slightly oversized (460x310mm) and can then be trimmed to your moulded recess. Also, no mounting holes included, allowing them to be match to existing holes if required

I’ll now be ordering the blanks in the New Year and then working out delivery costs as required. All PM’s will be answered in due course
Merry Christmas all


Steve Rivett

Hi Andy
I will have a full set when ready.Let me know cost including delivery.
Have great Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Randy V

Lifetime Supporter
Provided that this is not a “going concern” business process -
When you commission a vendor / supplier to make parts for your order based upon a specific value (IE - 2 sets minimum order to your supplier),
Then you make some subtle changes to said parts and pass them along to those who ordered them from you in exchange for their contribution to the overall order -
This is called a “Group Buy”.
A method of passing along savings to others with the same interests you have.
Do you meet this criteria?
Hi Andy, I would like a set also, please email me cost and how to pay.. Postage would be to Peoria Arizona 85383.

Thanks, Jerry