FORD GT40/GT Meeting

hallo together,

I´d like to know, if you are interested in a GT-Meeting in Summer 2011 in Germany (near Heidelberg/Hockenheim).
I´m going to schedule if the feedback is on a high quote.
I´m member of a general motor sport club and we´ve all the opportunities to manage an event like that. Please give me your feedback as soon as possible,


Ian Anderson

Lifetime Supporter
I am aware that a few people from the GT40 Enthusiast club are looking at doing a track session in France (Sircuit de Brettagne (Spelling??) and then possibly driving trhough to Spa and Nurbergring - this could form another point of attack for the trip

Defenitely interrested. 2 Cars

I doubt that we can drive at Hockenheim, unless you have access to some of the unrestricted noise time there ( most of our cars would be to loud and taken of the track after the first lap)

sorry I didn´t response anymore, but I was busy with my car..
I hope to have my car ready next spring, if so let´s look for a suitable date for a meeting 2012.
In every case I keep you informed, thans for your interest :thumbsup: