Forum rules....

Fran Hall RCR

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Ladies, gentlemen and the rest of you too....

It has been brought to my attention that we need to follow the well proven and very succesful FORUM RULES...

Please use your name when you register/log-in...

Please no company advertising ....unless you want to make a small donation to the Forum as an advertiser...

This is a great resource so please lets keep it that way and do as the Boss man... Ron Earp asks.....or else...!!
So basically we're like the cool kids in high school who smoked and hung out behind the bleachers banging cheerleaders. Awesome :laugh:

Bill Musarra

Couple of weeks ago, I ran into a guy who "supposedly" has possession of most if not all of the "Fast and Furious" cars. He has a shop in Lilburn Ga. and is trying to recreate several of the cars. I don't have his contact information but would like to contact him. Any help you could supply would be greatly appreciated. You can reach me via email,
[email protected] or direct call 678-687-4611.

Bill Musarra