1. PeteB

    2015 Superlite SL-C

    My Superlite build has been finished for over a year and I'm itching to build something else. Price: $87,500 Location: Dayton, OH Mileage ~ 2500 Contact: peteballentine @ att dot net Spring 2018 ReinCarNation cover car: Shutterfuel Media Feature...
  2. R

    GTD40 for sale **SOLD**

    1986 GTD40 registered for the road September 2001 5300 miles on the clock Ford Torreador Red MOT until June 2019 Engine: Ford 350 Cleveland manufactured September 1973 in Broadmeadows plant, Australia Head: Iron 2V closed chamber quench heads Stainless steel valves Hardened seats...
  3. F

    BRM pin drives off CAV

    BRM pin drives off CAV reduced $1,800 BRM 17-inch x8, and x12 pin drive knock off wheels by PS Engineering with Michelin Pilot Sport 335/35ZR rubber on rear and 245/45ZR on front. PRICE REDUCED TO $1800 AND IF THEY DONT SELL IN TWO WEEKS I AM KEEPING THEM. BUYER PAYS SHIPPING.
  4. G

    Rear hub 36mm nut

    Ok, moving on to the rear bearings. I've read the previous threads but just want to clarify one thing: Removing the 36mm nut from inside the rear axle - I have removed the nut on the rear left, but the rear right seems rather tighter, can someone confirm whether the thread is convential or...
  5. F

    Power & Tires

    Can these cars handle 600=hp? Trans, half axles, frame? I have a 2005 CAV. Looking at 13" wide rear tires. What can break if not equipped correctly?
  6. F

    CAV parts

    Can anyone tell me a good source for parts on a 2006 CAV? canards, rear spoiler, rear mesh vents, license plate filler cover, maybe carpet, light covers, side door covers. Also, will a Momo steering wheel fit these cars? Its my 1st 40, and thanks in advance for any help.
  7. mesamaui

    FS USA RCR40/ T70 Wheel Hubs new Front and Rear

    Has been sold
  8. R

    Rear support hoop upper shock/spring mounts

    Has anyone got any good photos to share that show how the original shock mounts were done. It would be great if you could share the chassis number featured in the photo. I realise that this area was continually evolving over the life of the chassis. A photo of the early ones that had the 1”...
  9. M

    Front & rear wheel alignment

    Guys does anyone have a process / Methodology for front & rear wheel alignment settings for road use. Mick
  10. M

    Rear cable routing

    So similar to the seat question, looking for thought on cable routing in the same area. For the wires going from dash to rear, I have two one inch bundles to get through to the rear. I did cut the front of the seat on the inside, so they fit by there along the spine. Then it seems best to run...
  11. N

    Original GT40 B pillar

    I believe the B pillar on original GT40's was smooth and did not have the swage line of replicas. Was it smooth on the rear clip and the door as well (3 arrows in the picture).
  12. K

    Wide Body Rear Clip

    For sale, used wide body rear clip. $500. This is off an original car. I'm not going to give the chassis number publically buy may give it to the buyer. I got it from a local restoration shop, I think they were looking at doing the bodywork but decided it would be easier for them to just buy...
  13. MotorEddy

    UN1 shift pattern

    I have yet to collect my rebuilt UN1/013 from Chris Cole (should be this coming week) and have a question about shift pattern. Does the use of an original-style shifter like this one, and this type of rear linkage result in 1st being away from the driver like a standard pattern, or towards the...
  14. J

    Parts for a Tornado build

    I have just ordered a "starter package" from Tornado have started to investigate other parts needed for the build. Note: I know Tornado have all the parts needed and that I could buy everything from them - but in Sweden we are not allowed to assemble a kit-car - it has to be amateur built...
  15. J

    Fail ......3........

    Well I'm speechless .. the TOSSER asked for up to date paperwork for the rear screen when Andy of Tornado gave it to him ...................... He would not except it :shocked: Words fail me ... so now Andy has got to fit a glass rear screen . Hopefully get it back in to check ASAP ... ...
  16. C

    FS USA GT-40 17" Wide BRM-Style Pin-Drive Wheels/Tires

    I wasn't sure which way to go with wheel diameter with my RCR build, so I bought both sizes. I ordered these through Vintage Wheels and had the rear 17" wheels widened from 10" to 12.5"sets. That modification alone was over $1850 for the rear wheels, the Weldcraft's widening process, and...
  17. MHNCO

    Barrett Jackson GT40

    Hammered for $153,400 with fees. Have no idea how well it was put together but with the engine and huge Ricardo hanging off the back, it has to be tail heavy as all get out. They had to do some mods to the rear subframe at a minimum to get that to fit in there. Seems an odd thing to do to an SPF...
  18. R

    15' pin drives with avon tires -- 400 miles of use - 2500$

    Wheels are flawless, tires like new, with spinners, silver face with polished lip, 15x10 rear, 8 front, 215/60 front, 295/50 rear, 352 871 8861, no trades, firm price, ocala fl 34470, i will assist (not pay) for shipping.. Text for pics, i couldnt upload
  19. W

    Early spec rear lights

    Hi All, Does anyone know the part number or make/type of the early 1965 spec twin rear light? Gelsco do have some on their website but it would be nice to know the part number. Here is a picture of what I am talking about. Thank you ! Tom
  20. P

    GTD 40 for sale in the UK **SOLD**

    Ford GTD40 Reg. no. incl.: N40AGT Originally built 1994/5 in Mougins (Cannes). French registered 1996 until January 2005, registered & driven in the South of France (LHD) until 2005. Bought by the current owner in Jan 2005. Initial registration N67RCG. Since then significant...