Fuel Pumps

What fuel pumps are recommended between the fuel tank and surge tank?

I understand the Bosch-044 is recommended as a high pressure pump between the surge tank and fuel rails, but what about the low pressure pump between the fuel tank and surge tank? I nearly bought a Carter P4600hp pump today (8 psi and 100 gph), but then saw some posts on other forums about how noisy they are. As our pumps are located right behind the driver's seat, I'd like to find something a little more quiet . . .

If you have a high capacity/hp engine you're still going to need to fill that surge tank from the main fuel tank at a pretty rapid rate.....depending on how the car is being driven of course. An 044 works well there as well provided you have an effective means to regulate the fill and cut off. I understand others might use a lower pressure pump in that position and that makes sense too....but that surge tank can't run out on a track day otherwise you'll go lean at the combustion chamber. Just my $.02.

Ken Roberts

Fran, Are you suggesting the Walbro between the fuel tank and surge tank? I see it is a moderately high pressure (60 psi) pump.

That pump is capable of creating high pressure but since there is no regulator in the line between the fuel tank and surge tank it will just flow with very "little" pressure.

A good example is to take a open ended garden hose and fill up a 5 gallon bucket. Time this.
Then try filling up the same bucket while you pinch the end of the hose to create pressure. Watch how much longer it takes to accomplish the same task.
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A Carter Black carb series low pressure pump provides 100 gal per hr. it is a vane type pump and is not affected by intermittent dry pumping. The walbro is a gear rotor design and is a great pump for high pressure apps.

The GL 392 flows 51 ish gal per hr at 60 psi.

The areomotive stuff are a stainless steel puck sandwiched between billet aluminum.

The puck style will not survive even a few seconds of intermittent dry surge. The cavitation causes the pucks to destroy the billet (high speed wobble from pressure no presure on pucks).

The gear rotor is more forgiving but will still fail if run dry enough (racing applications where fuel tank is run low and pickup pump for surge tank sucks air).

The most reliable run dry pump would be a vane rotor type (most low pressure 18 psi or less carb pumps are impervious to the suck air, suck fuel surging).
Hey fellas -- long time lurker and first post. Been following RCR and Fran for probably three years. I currently have two projects in the garage but will join your SLC club one day!

Now that I got that out of the way, I have a suggestion for you fuel injected LS guys. First is Vaporworx. Owner's name is Carl and he raced in the One Lap the last couple of years. The product uses GM in tank pumps (Gen 5 Camaro/ZL1 or CTSVs for forced induction) and can run on a track down to a teacup of fuel. It does require about 8" for the top tank mounting ring but I think the SLC has the room? Also can be provisioned with side tank pick ups. This is a returnless system and supports my 650 hp LS7 just fine.

Aeromotive also makes a pretty slick return style system that seems to be an easy install but I have no first hand knowledge of it.

I am in no way associated w Vaporworx and have no skin in the game other than my own brainstorming build plan.

Fran I have mentioned you to Carl in case you two would like to connect.