Future 40 color scheme

What do you guys hink of the future 40 by Superformance?
I like the ide of building my gt40 mk2 to a modern statment like the Future 40.
Also thinking of a modern version of the Gulf color scheme. The one with black sides i think could work really well.
And for the purists, please behave


Dave Hood

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Kristian, I believe that anyone who owns a GT40 should customize it to their taste, especially if they intend to hold on to it and enjoy it for a number of years. Hillbank's Future 40 has a great look, but from what I can tell they've been unable to sell it for quite a while. The price is currently $195,500. There's a Superformance dealer near me that has listed a Gulf car with a 5.2 liter Ford performance supercharged aluminator engine. That car is listed at $219,000.


There is at least 2 different future forties, 1 has the twin turbo v6, the other has a supercharged coyote.
There may be others out there as well that they have built for customers.
Thanks for Feedback. I can’t decide if I want to go for classic look or futuristic. But true to the original. I have already chosen several other ways like Audi engine, lcd dash, lotus Elise seats that would backup a futuristic Gulf theme.