Gardner Douglas T70 hits the road!

Hi all, would like to inform you that after about 2600 hours of building my Gardner Douglas T70 got apporoved for road use last week!

I'm building a build website that will launch soon (not yet finnished)

Here's a few specs & pictures of the monster.

LS1 engine running a G50-03 through a superclutch clutch 3 plate. The car has been dynoed at 384hp at the Wheels and a little under 480nm of torque at the wheels in road legal tune Lambda @ 1.02, it weighs in at 920kg's. Brakes wilwood SPL4's and are grabbing 325mm rotors on bells. seperate AP handbrake calipers. it's has a leather & alloy interiour and Stack 8130 instrument cluster.
steering rack is Titan, Toyo T1r 295's on 18" rear 245 x 18" front.

Oh yeah it bloody flies....

I designed and build all of the: cooling, electrics, fuel systems myself. but that'll be explained on the website soon.

So here it is!

grtz Thomas


Will do Riley :)

for everyones information, theres about 7cm of snow over here, not the best roads to get to know ones T70 replica.....

Grtz Thomas

I sent you an email, would very much like to learn more about how difficult it was to get the car registered overhere. I was told it was nearly impossible.

fantastic stuff, well done! just take it easy now Thomas till you get a feel for the handling and power. hope to see you on track at the Gardner Douglas owners day and shake your hand if you can come this year!
Fran & Johan, it means a lot getting compliment of you guy's.

@chris, I'll hopefully become a daddy very soon, so time Will be short again but I sort of promissed Meena (Mrs. GD) to attend the Gardner Douglas' open day.
Last time I asked she didn't yet know when it was, do you?

I have driven for over 400km allready (on dealer plates) last fall. And you're right indeed yes it needs some attention when giving it the beans..... Even at this Bhp it's like a missile!

Regards Thomas
Welcome to the V8 club.
As i see on your pictures, it's beautifull build.
I'm sure we will met this year on a trackday.
But wait on till the winter is over, you don't want salt on your alu body panels to corroded.
thanx guys,

Hey Fred your dutch is getting better by the day! Finaly the T70 key hanger can be put to use!

@ luc, sure we'll meet at zandvoort or such! I'm working on the car a little at the moment, polishing mostly. no way I'm taking it out for a spin now!

@ Chris keep us posted would be nice to meet one another at GD!

Grtz Thomas
Hi Rene, in fact If all Goes wel it'll be road legal tommorow. (APK)

It Will hopefully be technicly aproved for roaduse so if the sun comes out and the baby me and my girl are expecting has one more weeks patience, I'll be a busy man coming weekend!

anyone in for a spin?

Grtz thomas