Gender surgery

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When I was working for TDCJ “Gender Identity Disorder” was becoming an area that required a lot of my time. If an “offender” was already on hormone therapy when they were convicted and incarcerated it was required that TDCJ continue to provide the hormones, but never was gender reassignment surgery at taxpayer expense an option.

If the offender did not disclose their GID status at intake (and provide overwhelming evidence from the “free world” to prove they were already on the meds), they were not even eligible for the hormone replacement meds. Under NO circumstances was TDCJ willing to BEGIN any type of treatment for GID while an offender was incarcerated, and if they could ethically and medically reduce or discontinue the hormone therapies for those who arrived with hormone therapy treatments they always did.

As for an initial diagnosis of GID...I never saw it happen. It was a complicated procedure involving the input of at least two psychiatrists, who could never appear to agree.


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How soon before someone says their penis or breast are too small and hampering their mental ability to serve at 100%. Not any different. Although one hell of a lot cheaper given the astronomical surgery cost and lifetime hormone or testosterone therapy for gender change. Could be a new military enticement, "join the Army get a bigger johnson". :)