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Anybody find anything that puts out more torque? Mine Bosch standard starter works ok as long as the battery is VERY fresh. Anybody found anything that work well?

I found this dude:


Brian Kissel

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Jordon,I have no experience with these, but the price certainly is in line with a Ford GT starter for the Ricardo. I’ll be watching this post with great interest. Thanks for asking this.

Regards. Brian

Ron McCall

What are you using for a battery? I ask because I built my GT-R using a XS Power X975 battery and a 2ga lead directly from the battery to the starter. After a few trips to the track, the car would fail to crank when hot. The battery showed 12.3v . I replaced the battery at the track with one from Braille and it continues to crank weather it is hot or cold.

Brian - if that thing worked, id consider the price.. but not sure I want to be a guinea pig :)
Ron- biggest heaviest most expensive battery I could get at the local autoparts store. Platinum (bla bla bla). Agree that more cranking amps would help, but I have to believe that it SHOULD crank well with a battery of this size. Obviously a freshly topped off battery cranks a lot better. I have 1/0 (or better) b/w battery and starter. I saw or better, because for 70% of the run I have 1 awg as well (parallel). long story. :)
Jordon, I posted this some time ago:
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I still have the problem today. I solve it by starting with a QUICK stab and then a HOLD until started on the start button. Try it. It works every time when cold and most of the time when hot. I have not found a starter from a 3rd party. 2 'starter' people have told me they are sure this is a characteristic of the application and they think I proved by my marine battery connected from just below the starter. I have more than one stater, same with all. I am using a Braille Lithium battery.
Thanks.. very interesting, I will give it a go. Sounds like it is definitely the starter. BTW, I had a Gallardo that never started well, and my roommate had one as well.. he had to keep a fresh (6months or so was it) battery or it sometimes wouldn't crank.

its gotta be the starter. hard to believe there isn't something better!
ken- In theory I have an OEM (bosch) starter... Also note my above about my personal experiences with an actual Gallardo (or two)

have you found the 'true' OE starter to be better?

Ken Roberts

Unfortunately The engine has never been started yet. It was installed for my LS9 engine /Graz V10 transaxle for my next project.

I would try one lead of a jumper cable as a temporary ground. Hook it directly from the negative battery terminal to one of the starter bolts.

The Bosch starters (SR0408X) as provided from RCR are for a 4cyl Jetta engine. Not sure if they have the same windings inside as a OEM Audi R8 starter. The electrical connector is different also. Here is a picture of the OEM R8 starter.

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Don't underestimate the importance of a THICK cable. I know you mentioned a 1/0 cable, but do you know your voltage drop during cranking?

In my case (CAV GT40 with a Ford 302) I only had about 1m or cable, but it was an AWG4. lost 1.5Volt across the length of the cable, thats a lot of torque you lose. (voltage = torque, amps = power, at least thats my analogy, but i'm sure an electrical engineer can tell me how incorrect that is :) )
Ya, I have 1/0 + 1 awg (parallel) running from the battery to about 3ft shy of the starter where its 1/0. Should be pretty stout. Obv any voltage loss hurts, but I think I am not outside the range here.


I also suggest a 1/0 ground return cable direct to the battery negative post if you want as low resistance as possible.


Have you checked the peak current as the starter begins cranking? You might need a 'scope to see the fast peak.

Bill Kearley

First load test the battery at full charge, if good, check voltage drop while cranking the engine ( hot and cold ) not less than 9.6 volt, hot or cold. This will prove the starter assuming proper wire size and clean connections are good.
I had to go with a battery with 1100cca to crank first time every time. I was thinking someone should be able to rewind the starter to make it stronger.
When to go slow down video so could grab
Have you checked the peak current as the starter begins cranking? You might need a 'scope to see the fast peak.
I took HD video and slowed it down in editing. Not scope good but hopefully okay

Ken Roberts

Just for reference......the Audi R8 has the battery in the nose and runs 2/0 cable to the engine compartment and then branches off to the starter with a 2/0 cable size.