Great service from Tornado.

Recently, I needed a few items to complete my GTD, I checked with Andy at Tornado Cars in England. They had what I needed, the ordering was fast and easy via their online parts list and e-mail, three weeks later I had my parts. Good quality, friendly service, no BS.

Nice job to the guys at Tornado - I strongly recommend doing business with them.

Tim Kay

Lifetime Supporter

My experience too.

BTW, we're not to far from each other. We'll have to get together.
I too, have had great service from Andy at Tornado. I have yet to buy ANYTHING from him, but he has always been more than helpful returning messages and answering questions.

I generally don't care much for ANY auto manufacturer /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shocked.gif But, ANDY is a good man and I would not hesitate to recommend him /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

As a matter of fact, way back about 18 months ago, Andy had referred me to you, to see your car as an example of a TS-40. At the time, I had a customer interested in a GT 40 replica, and we were considering Tornado. Subsequently, the customer went in another direction and ended-up purchasing a 2005 Ford GT. Not a bad direction to be travelling in, you might say.

We're located in Arcadia, CA. If memory serves, you're just down the freeway!

I'll echo the positive sentiment for Andy at Tornado. I've yet to buy anything from him, but when I get to the stage of requiring bits, he'll be the first I call. He's put up with my occasional queries for the last few years and has always been patient and straighforward.

He strikes me as a very realistic guy with no dilusions of grandeur will always tell you what he thinks, not what he thinks you want to hear.


Ron Earp

He also has some pretty cool model airplane turbines he messes around with, neat stuff. I don't know much about his 40s since I'm in the US, but I do understand he sells parts to anyone and that is a positive thing since many of the trim pieces are interchangable between 40s. A few of the other 40 companies do this as well and it is a good thing, IMHO.
I was having problems with my South African bodywork and Andy let me buy just his bodywork when at the time he would have normally sold the chassis and bodywork together. Because of this I have bought many more parts off of him and I would recomend him to anyone.

I put a deposit on a kit with Andy about 2 years ago. Well, after a divorce from "Hell". Missing about $350,000.00 from my business and just about going broke, I was finally able to pick up most of the business that had been devasted by my ex----. But, another time, another space and another Jerry Springer show LOL. It was that bad!!!!!! Maybe this happened to Roaring 40's, never know. I sure as hell didn't, just never trust another with your books, if at all possible.

But, anyway, I emailed Andy and asked if he remembered me and if I could possibly still get my car. And this is after 2 years or so!! He got back in touch with me that day and this was on a weekend and he was and is more than willing to keep the deposit as it was and allow me to pick up with my kit as I had left off. Now how is this for honesty and a great business man? He could have easily just brushed me off, but he didn't. He remembered me, took the time to look up my order and was 100% up-front and honest with me. I can still do the kit and I have lost a little due to increases in materials and such, but.....

I have been in business for 20 years and I'll tell you, we just generally do not have this type of customer service now a days. This is one hell of a guy and my hats off to him and his company!!! I wonder why he is still around after what, 20 years in the kit car business.

Go Tornado, you have my utmost respect and support. Wish I had the $$$ to open a branch in the USA. Maybe if I could get all that $$$ that has disappeared over the last 5 years.
Andy have you sent any Tornado kits to Australia?
I have had a look at Sheps Tornado in Busselton WA
and was very impressed. Maybe you should have an
Australian agent.

Andy Sheldon

Tornado Sports Cars
GT40s Sponsor

We have shipped several kits to Australia over the years including Robert Logans original TS40 on which his car is based.

If anybody wants an agency we are open to discussions.