GT90 from ground up

I know someone asked before about kit pricing and that you don't know solid numbers yet. However what are you going to be selling? and are they in packages. IE just the body by itself, chassis, glass.. Are you selling them in stages? Will the buyer require a donor car?
The main reason I am asking is I don't have money to buy the entire thing. I already have a chassis and a friend that works at a glass shop, he can do the molding for cost. I have 5 kids and a wife that works for just a small amount atm (she is trying to get her nursing degree so going to school full time and working) so money is a huge issue for me.

Briefly I am looking to supply a torsional tested 6mm aluminium mono (not spaceframe) chassis with fibreglass body attached and glass inc engine cover with doors hung for around $30-35kAUD more details of inclusions as I get closer
My panels will not fit your chassis as they are custom made to suit my chassis
If you don't mind me asking what chassis are you using?
Aussie road requirements mean open-able windows which is testing the grey matter somewhat
Chassis is being constructed to take late model c4 corvette front suspension components and C5 rear suspension complete with subframe
transaxle for prototype will be porsche g50/g52
There is a bucket load of room for just about any engine you choose to fit
Pics coming, patience grasshopper
Ok a couple of chassis pics
Center section ie main cabin and both firewalls
second pic is lower front A arm mounts
NB this is the prototype tack welded chassis and subject to mods as it progresses


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I'm just jumping in having been emailed by Travis recently.

Did any of you guys ever read about that Nvidia dude building his own one. Was no where near the same care and attention as Des. It was covered by Autoblog.

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The original GT90 is currently at RCR with its body removed showing the XJ220 chassis and suspension...not as sexy as one may think....
I have followed this thread and it's sad to see there has not been a follow up in a year. Is the project dead? That would be quite sad, I consider the GT90 as an icon of the 90ties and I am quite sure it inspired Pagani when he built the Zonda. Simularities are f.e. the glass bubble cockpit, the sumptous interior (dash with central carbon pedestal, milled alu switches, styled floor matting etc.), the visible and styled intake manifolds and ofcourse the way the exhausts are designed and positioned.
I am always on the lookout for new pics and info about the GT90 because I am making a more accurate diecast model of it. Unfortunately not many details are known because it's only one car and not road legal. So it's quite rare to find new footage. It hasn't been out often.
There does not seem to be a thread that can be filled with links to GT90 info, therefore I am posting a link I recently found. These were probably made while the car was readied for auction.
I recently was given the opportunity to see this one of a kind car up close. 1995 Ford GT90 Concept - Album on Imgur
Yes it's a pity that Des has stopped blogging. I learned from another Ford forum construction is under way for a GT90 kit. Exciting news despite my concerns about getting such a car road legal.
I recently discovered the real GT90 is owned by the Hajek museum in Ames Oklahoma and that the above mentioned video was shot there.
Here is a blog I found about someone finding the GT90 in that museum: NewGuy: 6 Day Road Rally on the Roadkill Crew
For anyone living in Oklahoma, the GT90 will be on show at the OKC Auto Show March 4-6: The OKC Auto Show
Darn I wished I lived there.
so Des hasn't posted on this build since 2013... I literally check this thread every few months still waiting to see this GT90 come together. Has anyone heard from Des, he doin ok?
Hi Guys
Maybe Flatchat may be able to shed some light on the situation as he lives Qld and I think he would be the go to man for any specialist machining etc.

Darrell DRB LS1/G50
Ok finally
yes I know its been a bloody long time
had some serious health issues to deal with
Anyway have dusted the cobwebs off (yes and off the project as well)
We are heading for production, just sorting details with the parties involved
meantime a couple of pics for you
Building a website as well and will advise details once it is up

No, in case you were wondering, we did not need a snorkel with the cyclone over past few days we are almost 1km above sea level


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Des - So very good to see you back on the forums!
I hope the health issues are far behind you and that you have smooth sailing going forward..