GT90 from ground up

Hi Joet
Thanks for keeping in touch
Yes all well, currently interstate with work ........................
Also working through some more personal "stuff" as well
wow, the RM auction description states that the car is equipped with the quad turbo v12, I was under the impression that that engine had been removed in favor of a more reliable 5.7 liter LS1. hmmm, maybe they were just stating what the car had originally. Either way I hope may pictures are taken and cant wait to see how much it goes for...

HEY! Now that the GT90 is out of the protection of Ford, you go to the new owner and get all the photos and measurements you need! states that the GT90 has been: "(m)aintained to the highest standards by Ford . . . ", so it might be okay. Your job has become MUCH easier!

Note to moderator: Yes, this post is about Ford's GT90 (as opposed to Des's GT90), but the purpose is to help Des with his build, not just to comment on That Other Car.
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What happened in the auction with the original?. ..RM Auctions site shows results for lot 297, then lot 299??. . ..was it pulled prior to auction perhaps?. .owner had second thoughts at the last minute?
Hi All
Light at the end of the tunnel
personal "stuff" is over
Work resumes Yayy
Pics as soon as I can and have something to show

Access to measurements etc is a bit late now but thanks for the thought.
I hope the original does not end up mothballed in a warehouse somewhere
At least the recent owner took it out into the public

I'm so glad I stumbled onto this thread!!! Des, you are extremely talented and your progress is amazing. I can't wait to see more. The GT90 is an amazing design.

When you finish this, might I request a GR 1? :)
Yay some pics
First two are front brake air intakes roughed out and indicator lamp sockets through drilled so they can be located from rear once the surface is finished

Headlights have been interesting to source and sockets will be cut in after the guard surface is finished

rest are left front guard almost finished

need4speed GR1 is a wonderful unit and that would make our son extremely happy

Some clarification is needed I feel regarding Denis' input in this project
He has been and still is a very much appreciated and extremely patient, mentor and mate (buddy for the OZ challenged).
He has not done any of the construction.


Just looking thru this thread the other day & wondered about progress--not that Im qualified to complain:)..

Des, if you had to do it again would you still go with the mesh for a foundation to build it on??

GR-1, yep that could get some more creative juices flowing, we had a bit of a talk about it on Club Cobra a while back... better finish some of the current projects first though... If Donna got to hear of it she would be grabbing the ute for a quick trip into town for some more MDF & a few sheets of mesh etc, its tough havin a missus who likes all this stuff........!!:)
jac mac
yes for one there is no way I can afford the price for a full size 3d router nor can I afford the cost to outsource it
with mdf and mesh I have been able to tweak it as I go which is easy to do at CAD stage before routing but not so easy when you want to sit in it and get the feel and then make changes
I have also been able to construct a model of a large portion of the chassis as it has been done
Build has been pretty quiet for awhile... Are you going to surprise us all with a complete GT90?!?!? wishful thinking ha. Anyhow I hope all is well!

I saw this number plate in front of me the other day and thought of you Des . . .sorry for the crappy into the sun, through my windscreen camera phone image!!
Joet would love to do that but unfortunately no

both front guards, the doors and the rear deck are at the next stage
rear guards are next

like the number plate

sorry for slow updates been doing some killer days/weeks with that thing that pays the bills

we were not affected by floods for those that know of the Queensland situation
merely inconvenienced by nearly 6 months of rain and some road closures
we are on a hill and some 985 mtrs above sea level
the mdf in the plug did swell slightly due to all that moisture and the gaps went amiss and things did not fit for a while all good now


this is really starting to look good des
my dog jumped up to bark at someone out the window and put his paw on my gt90.....breaking the n/s door glass.
he's only a small dog, but it was only a small car!

i hope you don't have the same trouble:laugh:

Randy V

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Des - So good to read you again... I feared that maybe you'd forgotten us! :eek:

Keep on chipping away at it.. It's looking very good indeed! :thumbsup: