GTD Receivers - Purchase of Stock ETC

Having waded thru all the mails on GTD - the one piece I can’t find (and perhaps the most important) is who, if anyone, has made/or made an approach to the liquidators in connection with moulds, stock etc etc. Forgive me if I have missed something but the liquidator has a duty to realise as much value as possible for the remaining assets of the business. Unless they sub contracted everything where are the moulds, chassis parts, jigs?,. Where are the design drawings. All of these clearly have a value to we owners?
Before making this war and peace - was all of this been done? Or did the wind up of the company complete with everything going in the skip?
This is only scuttlebutt, so don't shoot me if I'm wrong but I heard the chassis jigs were cut up - real shame. I am also not sure that GTD Supercars Ltd ever owned the IP over the original design anyway.

Being so many cars already on the road in the UK there are many third party companies willing and able to support the finish of a build and upgrades of all types. All of these people can be contacted via the two UK clubs, i.e. it is a shame the manufacturer is no longer operating but marque will continue to be strong.
I've scoured the following on the net.

"GTD have had a bit of a chequered history of late but the company is now back in the hands of creator Ray Christopher and it’s to be hoped that their fortunes can be turned round. Plans are afoot to offer a monocoque version of the Mk1 alongside the original spaceframe version. Over the years some 500 GTD’s have been sold making it easily the best selling replica, and there is an extremely loyal and strong following for the marque"

dont know if I am stirring up a hornest nest here, hope not.