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Clyde, Neil,
I am ever so sceptic. If the parts are on there way, there is paperwork. Have ALL parts been shipped or only part of it???
If Mr. Spencer has nothing to hide and has despatched everything that he has been paid for he will certainly be able to produce the relevant paperwork. These days there are fax machines, scanners, email...etc.
In any case you need it for customs clearance. Neil, if you have phone contact with Mr. Marsh maybe you can convince him to prove that he has not done another shifty.
Sometimes time is of the essence, particularly when it invoves legal matters.
According to the website date that GTD went into liquidation was 23.12.02.
Good luck with your parts.

David Morton

Lifetime Supporter
Let's hope that this is going to be the best outcome for Clyde and Suzanne. I believe there may be other people that had ordered from GTD and are now not going to get anything.
(one figure I heard was about £80,000 of parts owing though I cannot verify that at the moment) Clive may only be the tip of an iceberg [unless his parts are delivered]
I cant figure it out personally though with that sort of order book, who would liquidate unless insolvency forced the issue.
Keep them tinnies in the fridge Clyde. Peter is on his way down in February and I hope to come down as well to visit Brett Werner etc
and to 'inspect' your car once it's been restored to it's former glory.
Dave M

Robert Logan

Defunct Manufactuer - Old RF Company
I spoke last evening to Nigel Wordsworth on his mobile for a LONG time.

He claims to have never herd of me or my company and that the use of my company name was a pure fluke !!!!!

He also claims that Spencer and his father have never mentioned the existance of my company to him and he further asked me to give him two weeks to consider his position as regarding the use of my company name.

I would like to say that my company has NO association with any of the principles of his company or any of their representives. I would like to also state here that I fully intend to guard my companies name and reputation and will commence legal proceedings once the two weeks are over unless Nigel Wordsworth persists from using my company name.

As a matter of interest I was also given Spencer's mobile phone number : 07887 708927 there was a misprint with the penultimate number.

Chris Melia,

Please get your lawers ready !!! and please contact me when you return from Bear Jackson.

Best wishes to almost all,


David Morton

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We all know 'Roaring Forties' as yours and not this other thing that was paraded at the NEC in Birmingham.
He cannot have a 'Hope in Hell' of trading
using the same name. Maybe he should try
MACS Car Rentals (anogram of SCAM)
Dave M
I have checked with the Autosport Show organisers the name and contact details given to them for the Roaring Forties stand holder. It is:
Nigel Wordsworth
Roaring Forties
4 Shirley Drive
Castle Donington
DE74 2XB

Tel: 01332 811 000
Fax: 01332 391 284

You will note the same phone/fax numbers appear for both Spencer Marsh and also the European Racing outfit but this is curiously under a completely different address.
This is what Richard Guest posted today on the general forum:
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR> <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>Hi and happy new year to all GT40 nuts out there.
It has been brought to my attention in a local newspaper 'Solihull News' under public notice.The following.

The Insolvency act 1986


In Creditors Voluntary Liquidation

Notice is hereby given that David Hailstead Bottomley of The Till Morris Partnership,
32, Brook Street,Warwick, CV34 4Bl.UK.
was appointed liquidator of the said company on 23 December 2002. Creditors of the above named company are required on or before 31 January 2003, to sendin their names and addresses of there solicitors (if any),to David Halstead Bottomley, The Till Morris PaRTNERSHIP, 32, Brook Street, Warwick,
CV34 4BL, UK. the liquidator of the said company and if so required by notice in writing from the said liquiator, are personally or by their solicitors, to come in and prove their debts or claims at such time and place as shall be specified in such notice, or in default thereof they will be
excluded from the benefit of any distribution
made before such debts are proved.

David Halstead Bottomley
23 December 2002

That is the full copy from the newpaper.If that is of any good to anybody out there.



Jim Rosenthal

Uh oh; this sounds like "Kustom Metal Werks", the UK version....hopefully Clyde you will get your parts. Of course, it's always nice to see a thief in the Graybar Hotel but it doesn't get your car back on the road. Good luck with all this..
Hi folks,

I'm not a car owner (yet), but I club race in the States and try to pass on what car-prep tricks might translate, etc.

A quick scan of the web uncovered this UK site which spells out everyone's options:

Everyone who sent money and did not receive parts is a creditor. You need to get on the list ASAP so you can share in any cash that comes out of asset sales. I would file as a creditor even if parts were supposedly in transit.

Good Luck.
Dad (Clyde Thompson) and the eva helpful GT40 family.
First time on and I have only skimmed some of the early postings but if this crowd have sent your parts then they must have proof of that in the form of a con note (consignment) and a bill of loading from the shipping co.
By the way of modern technology they can provide this via fax or e-mail at a very fast rate these days.
Either way it smells to me that the likely outcome of GTD supercars (aka Dodgy Bros)is that they will be applying for or have already gone into voluntary liquidation.
This means that you desperately need to find out who the liquidators are (maybe Neil could help there)and get yourself registered as a creditor to GTD SUPERCARS via your solicitor.You will need proof of your claims.
I would do this immediately even if you think they have sent them just in case. Until they are on your doorstep I would be very wary of any claims they make.

I too will stay tuned now to see what transpires.

GLEN THOMPSON (Clyde & Suzannes eldest son)

David Morton

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See post from Gweitzel about the liquidator
appointed to wind up GTD. Clyde, you have to make your claim with them as quickly as possible and simultaneously talk to Chris M
about appointing some legal representation
here in the UK as I don't know any suitable briefs (lawyers)- dont waste any time.
Dave M

David Morton

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I have just been advised by Suzanne (Clydes wife) that the GTD liquidators have told them that there is no money in the fund for any creditors of GTD. WHAT A SURPRISE. I think it probably all went to fund a certain somebodies racing and even a CAV or two, no doubt....
Sorry people...if I had read full page of postings I would have noted my ramblings had been already suggested. Got a bit excited there.!!
Could some one please explain what cav is to this dilettante?

Glenn, check the posting by Andre "CAV the real story". It is very informative and from what I know seems pretty factual and straight forward.

David Morton

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Its another type GT40 look a like made in South Africa. Nice enough car though and MARSH was at the NEC show in Birmingham alongside one that they were trying to sell as part of a deal for halfwits. See other posts in this forum such as PR Rip off.
CAV (CAPE ADVANCED VEHICLES) have distanced themselves from the project and quite rightly so.
Most of the answers to your 'background' questions are cleverly disguised on this forum but they are there and I'm sure anybody
will pick up on a thread you need answers for and point you in the direction.

Green GTD40 and rottweiller
I believe you may be able to approach this on copyright basis if you chose to.
Not too sure on actual legalities, but UK and OZ are pretty intertwined in this respect.
As David pointed out it is widely known by the GT40 fraternity that RF is your company
Anyway my 2 cents worth and I hope I have posted this correctly.

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by David Morton:
We all know 'Roaring Forties' as yours and not this other thing that was paraded at the NEC in Birmingham.
He cannot have a 'Hope in Hell' of trading
using the same name. Maybe he should try
MACS Car Rentals (anogram of SCAM)
Dave M