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Thanks to those who replied regarding GTD Supercars, we get the picture that they are closed down as we cannot get any response by phone, emails, or fax. So it looks like it's goodbye to our parts that were ordered and paid for way back in February!
We have been led up the garden path by them good and proper we now feel. A Spenser Marsh was the one we were dealing with!!
Clyde & Suzanne. New Zealand.
That sucks, Clyde. I got burned on a $1,000 deposit for a twin turbo system with an Australian vendor (Incon Systems) who disappeared, along with my money. It just goes to show that regardless of how good someone's product or price is, what really matters most is their ability to execute and deliver.

I hope this eventually gets resolved in a manner favorable to you.

I'm really sorry to hear that you lost your money, parts and time dealing with this. Were the parts you bought for the body, or smaller items? Hopefully you're not into this too much.

Good luck with trying to iron this out.

Back again,
Just to tell you that the parts we are waiting on were 13,000 dollars NZ money, that was supposed to include the shipping cost as well! Clyde crashed his car that is why we are wanting the parts, very depressing to have to see it sitting in the garage for nearly a year in the state that it is in. We are wondering now how we can get the law involved, as we are led to believe that it is an offence in the UK to take the money and not deliver the goods so to speak???

this is disgusting $13000nz converts to £4000 for this money I would appoint a UK solicitor and place a county court summons on them. The cost of the summons is £80, you will win judgement and they will then have a CCJ against them.
I also think that the police and trading standards should get involved as it sounds like fraud to me.
If you need the name of a solicitor that is good I can provide it for you, I will also see if Spencer Marsh is still trading and if he is where he is, its time he was made to be responsible for his actions.
If you need any help trying to get your money back I will help

If there is any one else that has got money or parts outstanding then they should post here and go for a joint legal action.



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Just browsing in the background when I saw the GTD heading. Firstly, I was going to get myself a GTD sometime in '03 - not now though.

As to Spense & co. From a conversation with him at Donnington in '01: His daddy bought the company/the rights to sell the GTD and gave it to Spense to run; Spense is interested in a career as a race driver in the BTCC series and moving on to NASCAR; To my knowledge last time I looked at the BTCC race series Spense was still there; During our talk Spense mentioned that there had been some staff problems in the company regarding theft and sale of stock.

As to any recourse in law regarding the taking of money for goods not delivered. Firstly produce a statement of evidence in chronological order, start with day one event one, day one event two, day two event one day two event two etc. If you have any letters, receipts or emails cross reference them with the statement.

By doing the above you will save money on Lawyers time and make it easier to effect any legal action. Find a Lawyer and instruct him that you wish to have a County Court Judgement against the offending company. As Chris said this costs about £80.00. It is an administrative process that effectively credit blacklists the individual concerned with the credit reference agencies. This means no new credit cards, loans or mortgages.

The problem arises where a limited company is used, as the limited company is recognised as an individual by the law and is therefore deemed to be the responsible party. But, if it can be shown that the directors of the company used the company to trade in a fraudulent manner then they, the directors, may to some extent be held accountable.

GTD Supercars is a private limited company registered with companies house. This also means that the directors details including names and home addresses are available. This costs about £3.00 more details on

My apologies if the above is a bit of a ramble but it is a while since I went to law school, and I never did become a solicitor.


Alex B
Just an update on where we are at, with all u good people who have replied, we do intend to take this matter further now, but we dont think this is a good time to do it, so will be onto it in the New Year and will be back for any help we can get then.
Once again thanks for your interest in our case. We will be keeping this Forum updated to let u all know the outcome, WHEN and IF it happens.
Cheers & A Very Merry Xmas to All.
Clyde & Suzanne.


Can you post list of bits you require and i am sure some of us may have parts we can supply to help you get mobile again.How bad is the damage?
Hi all
I hope that those guys take a look at this and send Clyde his money back
PS How do you feel Spencer?
Proud of yourself ?


David Morton

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You will be found, no matter where and no matter when. If you read all that has gone before on this thread, you have only one option. Behave like a human being or is that
too much.
David Morton
Hi, me again,

'The internet gives the applied user the intelligence gathering capability that the CIA had ten years ago', quote from somebody or other.

So, in this spirit check:

Now click on the driver info tab, check out driver number 62.

Now check out his team, Beacon motorsport. Click on their tab screen left. Check out driver 62's place of residence.

Check out directory enquiries for a phone number and fuller address, which may be useful if there is a technical fault pertaining to the phone lines and postal deliveries at GTD.

NOTE: There are two Marsh's whose first name I have seen associated with GTD. When you call directory enquiries substitute the others first initial for (S)pencer's. Alternatively to directory enquiries use

And you can always look at Fillongley on

A sniper friend of mine has a saying. "They can run, but they will only die tired".

Sorry about the lack of 40 content but I hate seeing people ripped off, and but for a house move it could have been me.




Dockings of Silverstone make a direct replacement ali radiator. Just had one made so they have a tech drawing. It looks a cert you need a new rad! Cost was about £265 plus VAT and postage. If you order just look and see if you can tell whether your old rad had parallel inlets or ones that pointed in a bit ie 10 degrees. There were two GTD styles but Dockings can make both from the drawings they have. They make rads for most fo the World Rally Championship teams so are considered a good supplier. Based at Silverstone. If you want numbers let me know as I don't have them on me today but would be happy to supply on this thread if you wanted them.

The Spal fans can also be easily obtained. I think I just paid about £40 each plus vat and postage. Trying to remember which company supplied but again could find out for you if needed.

Rally Design do the best price on Red Top batteries that I have come across.

I know others know about bodywork and lights sources so I will leave them to speak up there. I suspect they already have!

Hope this helps.


PS If you wanting to, would you be happy to explain what happened to cause this damage. I am intrigued. Have you lost the chassis supports to the top of the rad? I haven't seen or heard of that before.
Tis us again. I have sent an email off to Dave tonight about the crash and said he can post it onto the Forum if he wants, if it will work I am not too good on all this but am learning fast, if it can not be done, I will explain how it did happen later on, better get some shut eye first.
Will wait and see if Dave can put it on first!
Cheers Suzanne.
Hello all, and a happy new year to all.

First of all, i hope that no one will mind me posting a solution to our friend in New zealand. All the parts you may need to fix your car can be obtained from MDA. Our website is at This is a solution to fix the car, but I respect that you need to get your money back before you can spend the money again and repair your car. Catch 22! I have most parts for a GTD n the shelf. I have specialized in the GTD for years now. Even the chassis front rad bars are available if required. Have you checked the chassis for distortion? I can give you measurements for this if required. You can e mail me directly if you need further advice. I cannot comment on the GTD supercars practices, but I do not like what I hear.

If there are others in a similar situation, rest assured I can supply the parts you need if I have to make them specifically for you myself. The MDA chassis is way different from a GTD, though I still have the technology to re produce items by drawing for accident damaged or incomplete projects etc. I have a vast array of new and upgraded parts for the GTD's on the shelf.

We are currently moving into our new factory in Devon. When I am in and running, I will post our new home on the forum. We can live camlink for those who need build advice and CD Rom build manuals will contain digital photo's to help constructors.

If you are stuck building a GT or waiting for parts, drop me a line and I will endeavour to help.

best regards

Mark Sibley
You got it!
We simply cannot buy any more parts for our car until we get our money back, or the already paid for ordered parts that he told us were on their way the very last contact we had with him on 25th October 2002.
Which we now dont mind saying that he simply LIED big time. However we are out to get him one way or another.
We intend to take legal action against Spencer Marsh, for quite a number of reasons as I feel we are entitled to do, it may be quite a difficult task with us being so far away but we will be like a dog with a bone until we get some satisfaction.

Suzanne & Clyde.
Hi All

Spencer Marsh update.

Dave Morton bumped into Spencer Marsh today at the Sports car show NEC.
Spencer gave David a card saying the following.

Spencer Marsh
Roaring Forties Ltd
4 Shirley Close
Castle Donnington
DE742 XB
tel no 01332 811000
Fax No 01332 391284
Mobile 07887 708987

After that Spencer called me and said that Clyde's parts had been dispatched on the 12th of December 2002 and were due to arrive 26 January 2003.
He said that GTD had gone into Liquidation and that he had left being owed one months wages. But he had dispatched the parts before he had left.
I asked why he had Roaring Forties on his business card and he said that it was just a coincidence that it had the same name as Robert Logans company.
Spencer was on a stand that had a CAV GT40 displayed on it.
I personally pass no comment on the above, you are all free to make your own conclusions. Spencer said that he wants to move on with his life and wants to forget about GTD.


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I'd like to thank you for your concerted effort to help Clyde. You're a great asset to the GT40 community.

Have fun!

Thank's John
I think of us all on this Forum as a family, here to help each other out.

David Morton

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Chris, Clyde, and 'the family'

Just back from the NEC- thanks for posting the info so promptly Chris - we all wait with baited breath to see what Clyde gets from GTD.
SPENCER MARSH - I confronted him on his Roaring Forties stand at the NEC about who was in charge at GTD when Clyde paid for the spares he bought. He would not say, so I asked him if his father was in control and giving him instructions - again no comment.
I told him in front of quite a gathering crowd of what I and several other people thought of his actions and that I, and others, are rubbishing him on this web site. I invited him to come on this web and tell us all what he was thinking of when he worked at GTD and to explain his actions.
I doubt he will but I hope to be corrected.
Incidently, his latest 'scam' is to sell a package for €200,000 so that in 2004 you get to race around in a CAV car at a few circuits in Europe and you get to keep the car at the end.
Actually, the car on the stand looked OK
but at the moment I wouldn't part with a single cent/euro/penny/rand or any thing else while Spencer Marsh remains silent about his involvement at GTD.
Spencer - if you are reading this [and I think you are after today] - get your
act together and come clean about the problems you had at GTD, and who issued the orders[WAS IT YOUR FATHER?] that may have resulted in up to £80,000 pounds of money from customers who as yet have not received any spares.
In my world it's called FRAUD - what do you call it Spencer.
Of course I will be delighted when Clyde gets some spares that he ordered and I may yet stand corrected - time will tell. But Spencer - use this place to clear your name -if you can.