H Craft GT-R

Your work is simply top shelf! I'm impressed, I've seen lots of great cars and work and not easily impressed. Great work love the updates!
"Masterful" is the only apt description I can come up with.

It's relatively easy to come up with great ideas, it's a whole different thing to be able to execute them.

I really enjoy following your work.
Just a couple or so shots of things that hold bits together that will be hidden in the end.

Fender to A pilar mounts.

Front cowel to tub.

Cluster to tub.
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Lots of little bits and pieces going on this week, trying to do final fit on a load of parts before blowing it all apart for electrical then paint.
Getting ever closer with the tail lights just the mounting buckets to go there, and sold my first set of carbon fog light buckets.

Starting to see the light at the end of a very long tunnel.
Making tail lights.
First off is to cut up the reverse light unit to reduce the bulk and height.

Then extend the wires to feed through the back of the main light.

Then mark out and drill a 2" hole in the main light, and a 1/8 hole through the light for the wires.

Then to glue all the pieces together.

These parts are for the mid/bulkhead window, 1/4 laminated glass in a rubber gasket and an aluminum retaining frame.

Ill install on the car once I pull the engine out.
This has become my favorite build by far. You are taking all of the aspects that I disliked (stance, tail lights, etc.) and bringing them up to par. Thanks for sharing!
Motor, trans and exhausts all came out as a unit, definitely makes thing easier. Its all out to enable me to work on electrical, mid window, the rest of the insulation etc.

So I fitted the mid window, and think ill just leave it bare aluminum in the engine bay side, there will be some kind of trimmed panel on the inside.

Lots of odds and ends to tie up along the way, but getting there bit by bit.
Ran a few more wires today, so many to try to hide and keep tidy, just trying to tuck things away enough as to not be to visible but also still be able to service things.

The fuse box for the Ford harness will live below the base speaker cover inside the cockpit, so just a few screws to get access to it if needs be, it did however require a 3" hole through the top of the tunnel to get the ECU plug out to the ECU in the engine bay.