Heavily Modified GTD40 Race Spec for Sale

Bob Usher-Sparks' Heavily Modified GTD40 Race Spec for Sale

Bob Usher-Sparks' heavily modified GTD40 is for sale. Having commissioned it's build and race development by Neil Bainbridge in the early nineties and raced her in the UK and Europe I sold this car in 1996 but bought her back a couple of years ago from her time spent in shows and track days. Refreshed during 2005 she is ready to race, sprint or hillclimb. Also UK road-registered K4OGT.

GT40 MkI Re-Creation - GTD Chassis heavily modified and developed principally for UK and European circuit racing.

UK Road-Registered 1993 Registered Number: K4 OGT. New MOT Certificate.

Available to view in Caterham, Surrey, UK (Junction 6 M25, about 20 miles south of Central London and 15 minutes from Gatwick Airport).

Brief Description

This car was built from 1990 in the style of the Alan Mann 1966 GT40, dark blue with centre stripes and rear deck air-intake scoops (white stripes since removed but can be reinstated if required) then highly developed by the Porsche Racing Driver and Race Development Engineer Neil Bainbridge (now www.bsmotorsport.co.uk ) in response to ongoing testing and racing. She was raced for five years in the Sports GT Championship, Super GT, Super Sports, Winter GT, Special GT with a foray into the Brighton Speed Trial and FIA World Sports Car Championship. Her condition may be described as ‘patinated’ or ‘battle scarred’ in that she bears the superficial scars of her racing exploits even back to catch-fencing days which we feel are full of character and she's constantly being mistaken for an original; however, all can be quickly and inexpensively repaired.


She was placed second in the 1995 Sports GT Championship, third in 1994 and fourth in 1993. Other awards associated with myself and this car are; 1994 Driver of the Year, 1993 Spirit of the Championship Award with short-held lap records during those years at Oulton Park, Snetterton and Donington. The car was sold in 1996 and was then used by Hans Frietag for track days and car shows until I bought her back in 2004. The engine was refreshed and a chassis-up rebuild completed in mid-2005. Other than testing and an outing at Spa Francochamps in September 2005, following a major refreshment, the car has remained in a Carcoon www.carcoon.co.uk

Why selling?

Having children in later life whom are now six and eight we have recently decided to down-size, moving to the country and reluctantly accepting leaving motorsport at this level but will leave more time to spend with our daughters and our love for vintage Bentleys in a slow quieter environment.


Chevrolet 350 by Competition Engines Buckingham England
Dyno’d 425.3 lb-ft torque at 5,750rpm
Near 500bhp at 6,750rpm
750 cbfm four-barrel double pumper carburettor
Dry Sumped – four-way Barnes oil pump
Bubble-Seperator Oil Tank
Aluminium Oil Cooler
Catch Tank with level sight-tube
Brodix Aluminium cylinder heads
Forged pistons
Chet Herbert forged crankshaft
Roller rockers
All Aeroquip stainless braided oil hoses
MSD7 racing electronic ignition
Variable chipped rev-limiter
Briiiiiight Oil Pressure Warning Light
MSD Chipped Shift Light
Blaster coil
K&N Air filter – big to breathe
Stainless exhaust system by Cheeseman, original silencers just re-packed, + new additional silencers + straight through exhaust pipes
Engine refreshed Spring of 2005 during chassis-up general overhaul


Porsche 50-50 (turbo) with bias differential
5 speed plus reverse, rod linkage, right-hand-shift
Quaiffe close-cluster-ratio gearing
Some spare gears
Clutch renewed after Spa in Sept 05 (not driven since renewal)

Fuel System

Twin aluminium fuel tanks with Explo-safe
Aeroquip stainless braided fuel lines
Twin King pressure-adjustable fuel filters


GTD heavily modified for racing
GTD competition rollcage

Water System

Single Core Aluminium water radiator by Docking of Silverstone
Twin fans for maximum cooling when stationary
Bleed nipples throughout system to ensure no airlocks
High volume water pump
Swirl Pot
Aluminium Header Tank

Electrical System

Varley racing/fighter aircraft 422amp (1,000amp instant start) gel dry cell battery
Fail-safe remote starting socket at rear + remote start leads
Internal and external competition ignition switches
Fusebox passenger side for ease of access
Timing Transponder wired-in


Bainbridge Designed (unique wholly new design and fabrication - not adapted)
Front: Fully rose-jointed, quick adjust anti-roll bar, Quaiffe alloy uprights with 50mm bearings
Rear: Fully rose-jointed, quick adjust anti-roll bar, modified GTD steel uprights .
All round: Koni adjustable dampers (shock absorbers)
Wheels: Revolution on car with Dunlop CR65 period style racing tyres, spare set Revolution with Yokohama road/race tyres (was the series control tyre), one set wheels with scrubbed slicks, (ie 2 additional full sets) four Revolution centres (possibly more), several inner and outer rims to be advised but additional rims can be easily spun up to accommodate different tyres.


Four pot AP callipers front and rear (Pads renewed prior to Spa Sept 05)
Largest available vented & drilled discs
Tilton adjustable brake bias
Tilton competition pedal box


Momo quick-release suede-covered racing steering wheel
Leather dashboard
Under-dash Interior Fan
Intercom for driver/passenger / external jack-plug/headphones for crew
Pedal box adjustable; maximum extension to accommodate 6’5” driver
Leather GTD Racing seats (presently only driver’s seat fitted; passenger seat easy to fit, studs on seat base.
New Luke FIA approved six-point competition harnesses for driver and passenger
New Spa FIA required approved 5ltr electric 6-jet fire extinguisher – interior and exterior firing buttons
New Spa FIA approved 2.5ltr handheld Fire extinguisher – mounted on passenger side bulkhead

Ready to Race / Hillclimb / Sprint - Price including miscellaneous spares/wheels & tyres etc as above and her racing photographs: GBP £ 33,000

Trailer may also be available - Brian James Hi-Cap High Capacity Four-Wheel Trailer (3.5ton) low-angle tilting pump-action (pump up and down) recently fully serviced by Brian James Trailers.

Please don’t hesitate to email for pictures and any further information.

Kind regards
Bob Usher-Sparks


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Camper also for sale

Forgot to mention that the camper we use for towing, and as an MPV, is also for sale.

1994 – Only 2 non-smoking owners from new; UK Spec left-hand-drive L Reg; Canadian Great West Vans Sports Classic, Dodge RAM 350 8-Seater; 4-Berth Camper / MPV; 19’6” long and 8’6” high; Full Service History; genuine 2 owners from new; Tax 10/06; MOT 08/06. Mid-Galley model with fold-out privacy Bathroom; Capability to seat 8 with 4 in front separate comfy adjustable seats with retractable diagonal seatbelts and moveable arm rests (2 front seats are captain’s chairs’ – both swivel) plus 4 in rear U-shaped lounge with lap belts; Exterior colour Maroon striped on white, Interior maroon slight pattern.

Smooth powerful V8 5.2 litre Efi; 4-Speed Automatic; 20mpg; Ordinary Unleaded; Cruise Control; Aircon; Power Steering; Adjustable steering wheel; Electric Door Mirrors; Electric Front Windows; Central locking front doors; Hands-Free Orange Cark 91 Mobile Phone System; 133,310 kms = 82,840 miles; Tyres near-new condition; Removeable Towbar (hidden-hitch); Infinity Stereo & fade control CD-Tape-AM/FM Radio; Alloy wheels.

Tracker; Immobiliser; Strikeback Alarm with Direct 24 hour-7 day access line to RAC Trackstar Control in Emergency or Breakdown plus Pager; Remote Alarm Cabling to loop through trailer/caravan A-frame towbar or Secure any valuable equipment outside; RAC Trackstar Tracker can pinpoint position if ever breakdown or in emergency (top of range installation); GPS NavMan (portable between vehicles) European SatNav + 1gb card memory.

Parts easily and quickly available in UK from manufacturer's agent or direct from the USA and Canada.

£14,950 with fresh MOT.

Rather than bang on with all it's features, if interested please email me for a full description and pictures.

Kind regards
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Hi Ron,

Here goes ... some pics are 1.5mb which I'll find out how to reduce, but in the meantime - this is the first time I've done this - three pics are attached (I hope).

Kind regards


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Thanks for the info Ron, I've uploaded to the gallery and added a pic to text. I'm happy to email more detailed pics, including those with the straight-through exhausts fitted, to anyone interested. Thanks for all your help. Kind regards, Bob

Ron Earp

Have look at this thread

With respect to getting a GT40 into SCCA sanctioned racing you might want to look here:


But as is it would not pass. It'll be hard to get a GT40 to pass SCCA tech, but I think it possible if one is willing to work within the compromises it will bring to any sort of street use. Once must also consider fuel systems and other things too besides cages for SCCA legality.

Hi Frank, thanks for your interest. I will send pics to your email address as requested.

The Rollcage is steel as supplied by GTD. Trevor Taylor had the same rollcage and landed flat on his roof from quite a height having been launched up a bank into a long spiral roll racing at Cadwell and it stood up without any distortion.

It was ok for FIA spec in 1994, the last FIA race I did, but I very much doubt it now and similarly take Ron's view that it is doubtful to be compliant with SCCA regulations.

The rollcage is compliant with UK governing body RACMSA UK racing regulations and was acceptable at Spa last September.

Kind regards, Bob.

Ron Earp

Sorry, didn't notice when I wrote the first time that this was a on a for sale ad. With respect to your SCCA cage question that has no bearing on using the car for a track day in the US- that can stilll happen regardless of cage and SCCA legality. The SCCA legality will only be an issue if you wish to modify the car for wheel to wheel racing.

Valid points just the same Ron. Just to clarify; my car is set up for wheel-to-wheel racing and complies with current UK regulations which allows for eligibility in same-level as UK Motor Sport Association (UK governing body) regulation races abroad.

What meets this criteria abroad I do not know other than I have raced abroad under those rules, neither do I know the current FIA and SCCA or other regulations or specifications relative to my car because since 1994 I have not entered an FIA (International regs) race (this may have something to do with watching a field of Le Mans cars through screwed-up eyes streaming either side of me in the rain as I sat in the middle of the road the wrong way, facing them, praying they would miss, which they all did, following a spin at Silverstone).

What I do know is that it met FIA spec in 1994 but it is very unlikely it does so now. This presumption is based upon a perceived increase in the weight of current rule books and corresponding number of rule-makers.

For those who may be concerned at buying a race car, you can always restrict power and soften suspension for road use then put it all back if need be. The expensive and time consuming bit as we all bitterly know to our cost is adding power and performance.

Hi Kevin, Car is converted to street legal each year for MOT test and then back to race trim. Has not been used on public roads for many years but do it to keep up the road registration anyway as it adds to it's value.

Located: Caterham, Surrey, UK (Junction 6 M25, about 20 miles south of Central London and 15 minutes from Gatwick Airport).

For a guide the US Dollar price at XE.com rate of 1.848 Dollars to the Pound at 4.15pm UK time on www.XE.com works out at USD 60,984. To be sold in Pounds Sterling, subject to negotiation and timescale, as the rate is pretty volatile.



Bob, thank you again for your graciousness and great pics you sent via email - much appreciated. I ended up purchasing CAV mono#8 here in the US purely for the sake of logistical convenience. You've got a great car there and I'm sure you'll get a great price. Best regards, Cliff.
Hi Cliff, My pleasure, glad you were happily suited. I have put this sale on 'hold' for a few weeks due to a bereavement and would ask those interested to bear with me for a while; I'll post again in due course. Thank you. Bob.