Help required - GM Parts source

I'm trying to track down any suppliers that sell GM parts (new or used), namely C5 / C6 Corvette park brake assemblies.

I'm running C6 ZR1 carbon brakes, and want to install the park brake assemblies inside the rear drums. Chasing backing plates, shoes, springs, actuators, etc.

Any help would be appreciated.


Ken Roberts

I’m sure the parking brake assembly is the same for all C6 models. Lots of them on Ebay currently. Search for C6 Corvette rear hubs.
Thanks Ken. Seems I was searching for just the brakes, and didn't consider looking at the hubs.

Walter, if they're happy to ship to Aus, I'd really appreciate the lead to your known source. Thanks
Dinos Corvette Salvage 3545 Ms43 Picayune Ms 39466 tel 888 467 838

I bought all my c6 suspension from him.He has it all.His prices are competitive.He is a straight shooter.