Holinger trans axle

No John, I'm not concerned with that, I'm just curious, I couldn't get the link Jac posted to work for me so not able to read much about the trans. We may have to rethink our pricing though LOL.
I'm heading home tomorrow so need to have a chat with you about that other stuff as well. I might be doing this full time as things are pretty gloomy work wise and might be getting the DCM shortly.

cheers Leon
NOMB, but, you would be likely to sell more transaxles if you did a more or less dead nuts version of the Hewland using a sensibly priced priced readily available gear set combos with options for both street/race if your looking to make a few. Market for a T44 lookalike appears to be very limited by comparision. You should have an instant market appeal for Johns single seaters, anyone with Can Am interests and the Lola T70 guys etc.
Jac,At this stage I'm working with John on the first Jerico/9" Trans which should be ready by Christmas or early in the new year, This one has the QC option fitted and will be really a track only. The original box that is in the Thread I have is for my car and has the Nissan Gear set and Nissan R230 Diff. I haven't put any photos of the Second box on the forum but it Has a LG look gear selector/Rear housing and will be availible with the TopLoader Gear set for more Road/Track work and with/wthout the QC option. I'm not going to put any Photo's up untill it is complete. I will say it has a Hewland LG look but its not a "Dead Bolts" replica and is the same diamention's.

Cheers Leon