Holinger trans axle

I just got my new MFT six speed sequential it is a work of art. Came with all of the specialty took to take it apart. Hollinger is a class act!
At the moment about a buck and a half, our dollar aint worth the paper its written on at present.

I was over visiting H/M and they were installing it on what looked to be a 427.
It looked a lot like the T44 and Lee said it was made by Jerico. Really do not know more than that. I am not sure could have been a prototype for all I know.
I would love to have one of the really nice transaxles guess I need a Go fund me GT40 campaign:idea:
Dave, at a guess that may have been the MKII painted in the colours of the Le Mans car that was on its way to NZ shortly after you saw it. Hardly a prototype as most if not all the Continuation MKIV's have them. 30k is a lot of coin though. Timing is everything, for people that recognise people the pic says a lot!


So Jac, Is the trans Dave saw the Replica T44 and it has been built by Jerico ??
thats what I seem to be getting from this.

Cheers Leon
If you read the article I posted in #13 of this thread you should be aware that Mike Teske & others have a part in this 'continuation' T44, Jerico obviously are involved along with HM and possibly SPF as well, remember when they (SPF) first arrived on the scene with the MKII, they announced T44's were in their future plans. There are others also members of Club Cobra & GT40's with interests as well. Its been around for some time, the pic in post #17 was taken by a friend at Road America about 5 or 6 years ago when Fran Kress & co had a display at that event. I'm just a Kiwi on the other side of the planet joining the dots up, sometimes you see more from a distance:). I think Alan Watkins might have fitted one to his SPF, maybe not. The car here in NZ seemed to have bits supplied by HM, SPF, Pathfinder etc so there does not appear to be a one stop shop for any of these bits.