Homemade CFRP mid engine sports car

Hi Paul
I reread your entire thread !!! you are really doing a very neat job with your project
Congratulation !!
Just one small question there is no "recess provision " for the windhield thickness on the center spider ? :rolleyes:
Hi Michel, glad you like it !
thanks for the heads up, I got a recess in there for the screen, in the image below the screen bonds to the hashed line area, and the area circled there is a 9mm recess so the screen is flush with the roof.
I decided to design it so that there is no visible A-pillar structure (the screen sits over it), I regret this now as I worry if the door is not stiff enough it could strike the edge of the screen when closing .. but its too late to change now. I will need to make sure there is a healthy clearance and also the door is nice and stiff.

Ok Paul
I see now better what you mean
The fact is effectivly this surround area cannot be submitted to any "shock" or watever contact and of course you will need to sand it to very very sooth and polished area then probably potected with afin layer of black bonding stuff ????
Ok, new year and time for a new update. While I wait for the warmer weather to mould the main tub I have been working on some of the smaller panels that I can move indoors to cure. The part in the picture is the RH sill inner (it will join to the main tub to close the sill section).

I had some success with using an IR heater to post cure the parts, hanging it from the roof I can raise and lower it to get the desired temperatures. I can get up to 90degC on the part and so solves a big headache of how i'm going to post cure these parts.

Also been busy making 3D printed cores to hold the suspension attachment inserts for when i make the main tub. The printed frames hold pre-tapped aluminium blocks in the right place so I have the desired suspension geometry. The holes are filled with plastercine to prevent the resin filling them up (can be scraped out after). The 3D printed parts will be surrounded by foam core, and sit between the layers of carbon fibre.


I expect i'll have a few more months of down time so i'm considering making one of these 'mpcnc' DIY CNC routers;
. I already have a 3D printer and a spare router and the ability to mill up some simple aluminium brackets etc is bound to be incredibly useful later in the project so i see it as worth a shot. But this is some way out of my comfort zone, would love to hear from anyone with previous experience with milling aluminium.