1. I

    What Year SS Calipers?

    In the process of breaking my calipers down to get some powdercoat. I saw this morning that some left the pistons, dust boots and seals installed, but other forums remove them. May have wasted my time, but it won't hurt at least. I need to get some rebuild kits, what year SS are our...
  2. soulcoaxer

    Rumor Has It . . .

    SPF in conjunction with Safir Spares may release special 50th anniversary edition of the famous '68 and '69 Mrk I Gulf Heritage GT40s. There may be a limit of 25 of each year. Cars may cost between $170K+ to $190K+. Too many other specifics to quote. Let's hope it's not just a dream...
  3. 5

    Le Mans Classic 2018

    Anybody have a line on which and how many original GT40s (or cars pretending to be original) will be racing this year? Will there be a paddock for GT40 street cars? Hope to see some of you there! :thumbsup:
  4. MikeP

    Isle of Man TT 2018

    TT 2018 Lap records 37.73 miles 200+ corners, closed normal roads Perfect conditions this year made for lap records to be broken and here they are….... Senior TT Peter Hickman BMW S 1000 RR 16:42.788 135.452mph! Superstock Peter Hickman BMW S 1000 RR 16.50.501...
  5. Mark IV

    2018 LeMans streaming

    Ford will have a streaming service for LeMans again this year. Ford Performance - YouTube
  6. D

    2018 Le Mans

    Anybody going to be there the week before the race this year? If so, perhaps we can arrange to get together for a beverage (or two) . John
  7. P

    Hyperfest- SLC to contest UTCC and NASA TT

    Ed D and I are going to Hyperfest this year, mostly to see the Raver Motorsports SLC run at the Ultimate Track Car Championship. Their car is likely the fastest SLC ever, and they hope to do well with it this year. Last year (on Sunday, after the UTCC) they ran a 1:48, which is a very quick...
  8. Dans GTD

    Hello from Long Island N.Y.

    Just wanted to say hi to everyone. I do not have a lot of history on my car but from what I have been told I have a GTD car. My father had this car in storage for over 15 years and it was passed down to me in July of last year. I have been slowly bringing the car back to life and it is looking...
  9. ckouba

    Gravity Racer, take II

    The lunacy is starting again. Last year I (quite casually) chronicled the build of my entry for the Portland "Adult" Soapbox Derby in this thread, and cutting to the chase, WE WON!! This year, instead of tuning up the winner, I have decided to actually just build another one from scratch...
  10. brettmcc


    Can people please post some pics up on how/what they've bonded in their demist vents please? Currently deciding what to do (yes before anyone keels over I have been working on the car,maybe 2018 might be the year lol)
  11. D

    Farewell Message

    Hello to All Club Members, I’m sure most of you will have read in the last two editions of Fortyfication that after 11 years as Club Secretary I shall be standing down at the AGM. The problem is that no one has volunteered to take over so if there is anyone out there who could help, in the short...
  12. D

    Merry Christmas

    and a Happy New Year. Dave M
  13. K

    X Mass greetings

    To all of the group that is GT40's, firstly a big thank you for all the kind words and encouragement over this past year, it all paid off thankfully and the Macca is finished. So to each and all i would like to wish you a very merry X Mass, may Santa bring lots of goodies for your projects, and...
  14. A

    Guns in America

    GUNS IN AMERICA Here are some very Interesting Facts About Gun Control: There are 30,000 gun related deaths per year by firearms, and this number is not disputed. U.S. population 324,059,091 as of Wednesday, June 22, 2016. Do the math: 0.0000925% of the population die from gun...
  15. Cobra


    Hi Folks, Just a brief re-introduction since I haven't been visiting the site much in the past year, and I've now joined the ranks of GT40 ownership. The car I've acquired is an already assembled RCR Mk 1 with a Ford Racing 392 crate motor and a ZF transaxle. I'm actually the third...
  16. K

    Photobucket has got greedy

    has anyone else been hit with their new ruling, you cant post pics to a 3rd party ie forum etc unless you upgrade to a go pluss acc at $400 a year, from free. talk about inflation WTF. cheers John
  17. Charlie Farley

    GT40 Gold Parts . com

    Hello Fellow Forum Members, Just a short note, to let those know that follow the reproduction of original parts, that I'm finally back in the saddle and will very soon be undertaking a major revision of the offerings on the website. Having spent a very large portion of my time last year...