I'm So Excited!


After at least 5 years of forum membership, this is the first time I have ever posted (I think) in a non Paddock forum. I feel like a deflowered virgin but grateful all the same...

Anyway, that very modest and well known shrinking violet Mr David Morton, played host to a number of forum members last Saturday at his huge ranch known as "Little Marlow". There, I was not only privileged to meet the Great Man himself, but his charming wife Vivien (what on earth did she ever see in him?) and also Marcus (from Germany), Paul Walton (from Walton - on Thames) Yes folks, he really does own a vil.. I'm kidding ok?
Nick and Tony, the last 3 named bringing their wonderful cars with them.

Confession time: I have never ever been this close to replicas ever, and I was stunned by their quality - really. 2 GTD's and 1 Tornado. Fanbloodytastic.

Here you go:

Paul and his Tornado - what a nice chap...

Nick & Tony's GTD's

Nick and Tony's GTD's again:


Better view of Tony's

Better view of Nick's

Paul's Tornado Engine Room...

Thanks everyone, you made my day.

PS Marcus - you must bring your tub AND your seats next time..:laugh:

PS for anyone that didn't know, Marcus (who speaks better English than I do) is building a T70 from bloody scratch (I ask you) Fantastic but he needs more encouragement to get on with it!

This is the very first time since I've been a member that I've met anyone else from the forum and my sincere thanks go to David Morton who is truly a King amongst men. Thanks all... :)

David Morton

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It was everybody there present who made the day. Thank you all for coming - we will do it again before long. Maybe a barbeque next time. I'll have to get on and build the barbeque though. Number 12 on my list of things to do.
I think Marcus enjoyed it - I took him over to meet Hugh Absolem at his workshops
on Saturday morning and later in the evening hit the tandoori then we finsished off the evening with caiperinhas and politics. We now have some definitive solutions to all sorts of problems beseiging the world. I think.
And - I will modify the centre stop on the electric gates to allow gt40s to enter unhindered.
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Great to finally meet you keith and glad your well - and good to meet all the other guys. Nice bit of fish in the pub I thought, be good to see Dave's car back in one piece and on the road next time !