Info on my Mid engined project

Although not GT40 related you may be interested in the mid engined car I am designing and building. Its a Le Mans style prototype car powered by a suzuki hayabusa. I will be mainly using it as a track day car. Some day I plan on building a GT40 as a street car probably from one of the available kits.

My website is:
Hi Paul,
Welcome to the forum. I really enjoyed your web site. I think the most obvious thing about your site is how organized and structured you took on the project. You seem to have used the old college method of plan,educate,research, priortize, and execute. I bookmarked it so that I can watch the progress.Keep up the great work and visit the forum often.

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Love the workmanship Paul.
These things would make an economical and exciting one make controlled racing class. I am looking forward to seeing the finished product. Good luck.
There is a very similar concept in the market right now (assuming its still around). I know very little about it other than I came across one at a club-level race competition about two years ago. The owner refered to it as the "Radical Clubman", and it was also based around the Hyabusa engine (supercharged). It was an amazing looking animal and screamed around the racetrack quicker than almost anything out there. The body was also styled around a LeMans prototype but was about 2/3 miniture.

I found your website both inspiring and educational. I'm sure there are lots of people (like me!) who dream of designing theor own car, but very very few who have the skill & enthusiasm to get on & do it!

Your site is excellent, thanks for sharing it.

BTW have you seen the anti roll geometry on the latest radicles? very clever stuff!
Thanks for the complements. I put the website together for a couple of reasons. Firstly, just to document the project for myself so I would have some permanent record of the progress. Secondly, to hopefully inspire other people to have a go at designing their own cars.

The concept for the car is definately not revolutionary as bike powered Le Mans type cars have existed for a few years. There are at least 5 manufacturers of similar cars. Radical has had probably the biggest influence on making them popular.

From a performance point of view, there really isn't much that can touch these kind of cars except for single seater open wheel cars. Porsches, Lambos, Corvetes don't really stand a chance. The combination of being very light (around 1000 lbs), high power (175 to 320 hp) and downforce really put them in a different league. In fact a Radical SR3 Turbo recently smashed the Nürburgring Nordschleife record for road legal production cars by 13 seconds at 7:19, beating a 600hp highly modified Porsche turbo. They predict next year that they can get under 7 seconds with more testing and higher gearing.

I'll keep posting updates as I progress.