Install your transaxle alone with one hand...............ya really!

Howard Jones

You gotta have one of these. Wrestling with a gearbox is a pain in the ass, especially when you get a little...........experienced and don't have any help. NOT NOW BABY!!!!! Goes right on so easy you would call it fun!

I made it with some leftovers but something similar could be done without a welder by bolting things together or even making it out of wood. DO it now and make your life with a transaxle easy!!!!!


not stylish or robust, but it did allow me, alone, to get the tranx off the back of engine, without breaking any fluid connections (cooling/clutch). Had to get the clutch and ring gear off the motor. So I used my 4 post lift and a wooden cross beam to unweight tranx and take it out the back of the car. Design of suspension dictated that chassis had to be on blocks to do so. Went back together surprisingly easy, taking into account that it's a triple disc clutch.


Howard Jones

Kyle, The combined weight of the G50 Porsche gearbox, starter, clutch, and flywheel etc weights about 165lbs, and the engine, with aluminum heads and intake, less the carb and exhaust total about 500 as you see it. Call it 660-670 or so total.

Tom, that's the way I used to do it. Straps, woodblocks, and back work on the ground. I had stopped working on the power train in the car with my GT40 years ago. It's too easy to just take it out of the car and do what needs to be done. The last time I put the gearbox on the motor for my SLC I vowed to never do it that way again. I made my table last year just for this purpose and the fixture last weekend.
I made something similar out of one of these load levelers. Works excellent. That way, I can use it for multiple jobs with various attachments depending on my needs at the time. The Ricardo transaxle is quite bulky and difficult to find proper balance.

Regards Brian

I wish I would have seen it before, I recruited my 16 year old and one of his strong friends to mate my Graziano using regular floor jacks and moving it around by hand, it was no fun at all !!!

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