Insurance companies

Ian Anderson

Gold Supporter
Not used them Dave but previously Classic Line was always best price for me. At around £330 for 3000 miles, based in Middlesex so expect a reduction for your neck of the woods.

Currently with Adrian Flux who were chosen because they added my 22 year old daughter on the policy. The only ones who would do so for someone aged under 25. Pricey at £700 but she needs to get miles in the seat before going to LMC next year.

I am with Peter James Insurance who are underwritten by KGM. I have had reason to use them and had no problems apart from being a bit slow. I had my GT40 partly resprayed through them and was not happy with the colour match.

After inspection they agreed to respray the whole car. Mind you, the other party had admitted full liability.


Dave Bilyk

Bronze Supporter
Thanks guys, I was with Classic Line before, so I finally went back to them. The quote I got from AIB was £285, other quotes from companies I didn't know as high as £385. Classic Line matched the AIB price although for a lower mileage + £20 for 2 years guaranteed value. Happy with that since it was only a tenner more than my previous policy with them.