Inverting Renault Gearbox

Im want to invert the Renault gearbox, for my GT 40, and I understand there is an article that someone wrote about doing the conversion.

I purchased the Back Issue CD from Tony, Ive just spent 2 hours looking through the back issues, but i cannot find the article. Does anyone know which magazine the article was in.

I hope someone can help me...

thanks in advance..


Brian Magee

I would imagine it was written by Kevin Farringdon but quite a few years ago. I am sure he will see this post and reply.


Wich gearbox do you use? un1-XX. Let us know the XX value.

Anyway, if your gearbox comes from a renault 25, renault 21, espace V6, it is already in the right position.

If it comes from other donors such as alpine, you need to invert the differential.

If you don't know your donor, the test is simple :

enage first gear on the gearbox. Turn the input shaft clockwise (as per your engine rotation or counter clockwise in case of any boat engine...) and look if the axle shafts turn clockwise or counter clockwise, then you will know if you need to invert the differential or not.

if you need to invert it, you just have to open the gearbox, flip the differential and reclose..very easy to do


Hi Stephane,

I have a Renault UN-103

The reason Im going to invert it, is to get the drive-shaft outputs higher, so I can get the engine/gearbox lower

I know people have inverted the gearbox, by cutting, the bell housing in half, turning it through 180 deg, and then welding the bell housing up.

David Sharp, suggested, using an adaoptor plate between the gearbox, and bell houseing, to invert the gearbox.

Im looking into all options, before I start the conversoin


Mike Pass

Kev Farrington from the North West area has an inverted Renault in his car. Send me a PM and will send you his contact details or you can find him in the club members list that members get each year.