IVA – Brake system Requirements

Following on from a previous posting on my build log (see below), I contacted the local IVA test station and they stated that if I turned up for the test with the re-usable type fitting on the aero-quip brake flexis on the car they would fail, as the design uses a sealing olive. However after I’d explained my interpretation of the wording, he understood my point of view, but would still require written confirmation from VOSA in
hi Andy

thanks for sharing your information, its good to know, my brake likes will pass the IVA

ive been studying, the requirements, for the interior, it took a while to understand what they require, but i think i now understand it, ide be happy to pass the informsation, on if it may be of help to you

also thanks to you, and Karlb, for comenting on my Granada upright question

Hi Antony
So have I got an email from 9 years ago, I don't keep many from last week!
I may have got a hard copy amongst my original build info. I'll see what I can find in the next few days


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All is good then! I am in the process of readying my MDA for IVA..the main concern is braking. How do you (or is it trial and error) set the locked, welded and wired balance bar and set the front and rear braking ready for test...is witchcraft involved? All other areas are workable albeit somewhat a challenge but Hey..it has to be done to reach your dream :)
Hi Mark,
Don't forget to fit the sticker about not messing with the setting of the balance bar (even though a new owner would have to un-weld it) and also the sticker regarding the brake fluid. They are really hot on small details like this now.

I'll leave it to others to give you some words of wisdom on setting the balance bar. No doubt access to a rolling road would be very helpful.