Brake calipers for 15" rims

Can anyone confirm what the current brake disc size, caliper type and mounting style are being used on GT40 replicas?
My assumption is that they will be the same front and rear ..... although I may well be wrong in some cases.

Of particular interest are the Wilwood types being used.


My GT has PBR brakes from 90-s For Mustang.
2-pot front and back.. stops well on the street but maybe not race-spec.
Superformance uses Wilwood Forged Narrow Superlite 4 Radial Mount calipers with (4) 1.75" pistons. Rotors are 11.75" diameter 1.25" thick vented Wilwood. Aluminum hats are also Wilwood, but unique to Superformance application. Caliper mount is custom aluminum bracket. Front and rear are identical except for parking brake. I don't think any larger rotor will fit under 15" wheels. I believe it may be possible to fit 6 piston calipers, but am not certain.

Ron McCall

I have Wilwood " Grand National " GN6R calipers with 12.19" floating rotors on my Pantera with 15" wheels. '''


Mortified GT
Hi, I have Wilwood 6 pot front, 4 pot rear on 295mm AP discs, 6 peg on SGT mk1, and AP pro5000+ 4 pot front &rear with a brembo handbrake caliper, AP 295mm discs 6 peg for my SGT mk2. Its 4-5mm clearance between caliper and inside rim for both setups I have.

Could possibly do 305mm with other offset on front rims, but no point reinventing the wheel and changing the steering geometry for minimal gain.

No brake assist on either setup.

Cars will still be in build a few more years before getting any brake tests done to compare.

Good luck with brakes

i have not got a solution for this yet. Have not had time to do the calculations or brake system design yet. What i did find initially was that getting a hand brake in the rear along with a suitable sized rotor and caliper was the hardest part. getting the hand brake drum small enough or a suitable auxiliary handbrake to fit over a caliper was the issue. I dont want to use the hand brake lever pulling on brake pedal as the originals did. i want a 100% mechanical hand brake/e brake.
I use a kit for rear brakes replacing the standard Ford caliper, which is formed of a 4 pot caliper with integral handbrake, modified one piece Jaguar 22 mm disc ( no bell ) which is a straight bolt on to the standard Ford bearing carrier. Takes half hour to fit.


HiSpec has a beautiful electronic parking brake system. E-brake at the press of a button you can hide somewhere, no cables to mess with or recalibrate etc etc. Quite a small package too. Bit pricey, but i'm considering pulling that trigger when I'm ready to convert my CAV to right-hand shifting..