Jordi @ Cape Advanced Vehicles (CAV GT, CapeTown)


Just wanted to share my great experience with CAV last week. I bought an older generation CAV (Chassis 22) built in 2003, and wanted to rejuvenate her.
After some very pleasant emails back and forth (speedy too) Jordi at CAV convinced me this was the right place to drop the car of.
I shipped the car from Durban South Africa to CapeTown, and visited the factory the following week.

Overall, a very professional attitude, and Jordi was keen to help me get this car modernized and refreshed. We discussed paint and bodywork options, chassis mods to accommodate newer seats and increase headroom, nothing was impossible here.
Especially here in South Africa, where service delivery is horrible at best, it is very refreshing to work with a bunch of enthusiasts that have a real eye for detail and engineering.

If anyone is interested or considering a CAV, i'm convinced you wont regret it. Jordi is really taking this car to another level.