Kar Kraft T44 dimensions question

Hello everyone,
I'm currently working on a 1/8 scale model of the MkII engine with the T44 gearbox. Holding the first prototype in hands I couldn't believe the size of the T44, it's so huge! Is there anyone here who could reassure me by telling me the real dimensions of the gearbox as indicated in the picture attached?

I just couldn't find any numbers on the net so far.
Thank you very much!


Scaling from a 9" ring gear diameter, I get

I've got an isometric image of the box that came from a CAD drawing, so a real CAD drawing might exist somewhere.
Hello Bob,

thanks for the info! I've been looking for the ring diameter too but probably used the wrong tags.
I guess my scale model is a bit too long, but not as much as it looks. I've been comparing it to the 1/12 scale Trumpeter plastic kit and they've got it definitely wrong, way too short.
A CAD model would be very cool, but someone who has it probably won't give it away just like that. So I've done my own model for 3d printing, see attached.
Again, thank you!


At one point we had a full (copy) set of blueprints of the T44. I started transferring to CAD, but gave up quickly when it looked like at least a 100-hour project (not to mention, the blueprints were barely readable in many places).

You might be able to scale the drawing based off the distance between the main shaft and lay shaft. My understanding is the T44 shares the same architecture as the Ford top loader so spacing should be the same.

Also the drawing for the bell housing faces is on here somewhere

Lastly there is a post that also discusses the position of the mounting ears on the top cover.
I am not sure if these share the same 104mm spacing as the 5DS-25