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Guess I got my parts early on in the game. When my parts arrived, the flywheel was for a regular 351 Windsor. When I wrote them back, that mine was internally balanced, and I had told hem as much, they swapped it out, no questions asked, and at no cost to me. I guess their quality/customer relations has slippped a little since then.


Randy V

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There's a lot of secrets in this adapter business.... :rolleyes:

When I finally quit my job I'm going to go into business doing two things;

1) Concrete work.
2) Transmission adapters.

Russ Noble

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Ron, the world is getting smaller. Don't restrict your options to US only.

This guy has proven Porsche kits and is developing an Audi kit, BNC Products - Transaxle Adaptor Kits He may already have it done.

We know this supplier on here as Flatchat.

I'm sure he has got a good product. I have found him very helpful with general enquiries even though he knows I'm building my own adaptor. The US/AU excahange rate is in your favour too!

I know you've been badly burnt sourcing offshore before but I'm sure you'd be OK here and there's a lot less at stake. There were warning signs with the old RF. I haven't heard of any supply or other problems with BNC. The same cannot be said for Kennedy.


Well just to add to this post, I have just today ordered by email from Jodi at KEP [email protected] another 930 ring gear. Firstly, because I wanted exactly the same as I got last time and secondly, because I personally have had satisfactory dealings with them in the past. This latest has been dealt with straight away and dispatched same day. Can't get better than that!

Last year when I was emailing lots of stupid questions they would usually reply within the week. What they sent was what I ordered. Only OTS parts like starter/ring gear, no adaptor stuff though.

This second ring gear is for Lims G50/52 and I have also ordered a 928 Hi-Torque starter from 928 Motorsports in WI. 928 Motorsports seem to be on the ball. Time will tell!

Well to bring this full circle. Kennedy have been great and realised their mistake and sent me the starter straight away, which I picked up last weekend. They also offered to take the adaptor plate back and refund it to me and pay for the shipping back to California. So my faith has been restored.

As for the whole gearbox 01X vs 016. After having a lengthy talk with a forum member last week, I am currently in the process of trying to source a 240mm new plate with the correct input spline size... then we'll see what I need to do with the spigot bearing :rolleyes:

If that doesn't work I'll be back down the 016 route... I'll keep you posted.


Charlie M


Glad to hear it finally worked out for you.

I also ordered the SBF/Audi adapter kit from Kennedy. I received everything I was supposed to (clutch, starter, etc.), but it did take a long time; as I recall it was 6-8 weeks.

I've had good and bad experiences with KEP.

Bad - broken pressure plate spring when I went to drive car for first time two weeks ago. Had purchased adaptor kits about 1 year earlier.
Good - they sent another one straight away at no cost, so should be driving again this weekend, then rego soon after with luck.