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I know a lot of forum members have had positive experiences with Kennedy, but right now having just returned from Parcel Force to pick up what I thought was my order, I am not happy. I am VERY glad that California are 8 hours behind the UK, as I might have calmed down by the time they come into work.

On the 20th February I ordered:
- a flywheel and clutch to suit a Ford 302 Windsor engine for the Audi gearbox
- a starter
- I specifically stated that I DID NOT need the adaptor plate, as I already had one

On 10th April I received an email saying that they had shipped my order and $1157 had been charged to my credit card. I was quite surprised, as I had been quoted $335 for the flywheel, $342 for the clutch and $135 for the starter. Even with a worse case with USPS Airmail, I could only get the figure to total $1035.

Now I know why. See the picture below. Kennedy have sent the adaptor plate and there is no starter. So now I have two adaptor plate and no starter. Needless to say I will be phoning them for an explanation as to how they need to go back to school to read :mad:



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Ron Earp

Hi Brett,

I was also not that pleased with KED. While I didn't have issues with what they sent, I did have problems with how long it took. For the 016 flywheel, clutch, and starter that I needed for the Lola it took about six to eight weeks and more phone calls than I can remember.

Each time I was promised "oh, it's leaving on Friday" and a week would pass and I'd not get the part. I'd email or call back "oh, we'll send it out straight away, it's done, not sure why nobody sent it" and another week would pass. Even got the "it's right here, boxed up, it is leaving today". It wouldn't show, I'd call back - "oh, sorry, that hasn't been made yet, it'll be two more weeks". And so on with just about a different person each time. I'm too trusting - I always think people will act as I will, which in service means I'll do what I say when I say. Definitely not what I would call good customer service, but maybe my experience was an isolated one or the Left Coast just didn't understand Southern Speak and couldn't figure out what I was asking.

I was happy with what I eventually got, but it took much longer than promised. A business opportunity in the making for a company that wishes to do it, do it well, and advertise what they do. I'm aware some people make adapters/kits on the side, or in small numbers, but that does little good to the new builder that isn't in the know looking for parts sources.

Good luck with your parts sourcing.

Well Ron its just got worse...

Despite repeatedly telling Kenndey in emails the size of the input shaft of my 01X, they said sure it will fit... by measurements it won't, so I guess I will now be looking for an 016 to replace the 01X, as now I have the adaptor kit for the 016... my weekend has just gone into freefall.

I know what you mean about the customer service piece, it took them over a week to answer my question to where my order was in the chain...

Anyone have an 016 going spare and cheap, as now it looks as though I have to sell my 01X, but I will defer the final judgment until I get the box back from Stu :cussing:

I had a similar issue with KEP. Waited for ages for them to get my stuff organised and when it turned up they forgot some of the bolts needed and
the Release bearing. Rang them up and got told to find them myself locally. The product that KEP sells is perfect but the customer service is very average.

Ron Earp

So the 01X is the same pattern as the 016, but different input shaft size? So that would change the clutch for sure if the splines are different and pilot bearing too. Hate to hear that.

KED does worse than average on customer service I think. And while I was lucky the parts fit, Brett was not and I know of one customer who's adapter was off center, that is, the center was a fraction of an inch off which would make the adapter useless. Don't know if he got it corrected or not.

Again, for those that make GT40 replicas or parts this is a supreme example of a side business. If you can make the parts, make them well, and send them off on time you'd own the market. All (I know it isn't that trivial) you'd need are generic 016, G50/930, ZF adapters for SB Ford and SB Chevy, as well as netural balanced flywheels, clutches, pressure plates, and starters for each. Be a lot of parts, but in this day and age of CNC and stored programs on mills and lathes doesn't look like it'd be a huge deal once the measurements were made, or taken, from existing parts. And part numbers for clutches, pressure plates, and starters are just numbers that can be complied. Sell them to sand buggy market and the mid-engine market, as well as the GT40 group.


Randy V

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I can't agree with you more Ron.. After a series of un-returned phone calls, half-answered emails (exchanges took minimum of 5 days) - they left me with absolutely no encouragement to continue trying to do business with them. Had their webmaster put any content to the site other than a couple of pictures with little text background - it would have helped dramatically. Evidently they are busy enough with the business they have and really have no desire to extend themselves fully into the market. Too bad.
I considered buying from them at one stage, but glad I didnt.
With such bad service like that, I tend to go to extremes and have been known to fly half way round the world to thump the desk (if not someones beak!) to get them to refund or fix an issue.
I wonder if they actually hear about or read such sites like this?

Ron Earp


Did you mark your own or use another source? I have to admit, I've not searched, but I really didn't know of another source in the US for some of this stuff.


Russ Noble

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Ron, the world is getting smaller. Don't restrict your options to US only.

This guy has proven Porsche kits and is developing an Audi kit, BNC Products - Transaxle Adaptor Kits He may already have it done.

We know this supplier on here as Flatchat.

I'm sure he has got a good product. I have found him very helpful with general enquiries even though he knows I'm building my own adaptor. The US/AU excahange rate is in your favour too!

I know you've been badly burnt sourcing offshore before but I'm sure you'd be OK here and there's a lot less at stake. There were warning signs with the old RF. I haven't heard of any supply or other problems with BNC. The same cannot be said for Kennedy.

RCR will be carrying BNC products(flywheels) very shortly.....Chris and I have been working hard to alleviate the KEP monopoly....

I shipped out some new adapter plates this week for Audi applications...Chevy and Ford, and will be shipping many more this coming week.....

Other components will be an off the shelf as soon as possible....
I know Mark at MDA has developed an FE>Porsche 930 adaptor for my installation with Huddart Engines.

Little seems available option wise for the FE over here so this route seemed one of the few available. Kennedy just came back with a "no, we don't do it" reply to my query.

Ross Nicol

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Ron has hit it on the head! I've run my own business for 37 years and My motto is "always do what you say your going to do". Simply give good service and people will keep coming back, and in this internet age with world wide communication, bad service will sour many prospects.
With the transaxle supply opening up and adapter plate alternatives on their way this site is proving it's worth. I hope Fran's critics stay away from his posts on this thread, as you can see he is a source that many wouldn't have known about.
Thanks Ross...

I am certainly not touting for business, I am just trying to open a line of communication to help solve a well know problem.

I have been supplying parts and info to many non RCR customers in the last few months and enjoy their interaction on the forum.

Very few of the RCR detractors really know or understand what goes on behind the scenes..and in reality dont know how close knit of a community it really is.
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You're right about the 01X. I knew I was taking a risk when I did it, as thier's was for a 5000 and mine was a 01X. However, as I had already one of their plates and had mated my box to it and it fitted (bar one hole misalignment by a few mm) I decided to take the chance.

Yesterday after finishing the lights I decided to slip the bell house casing on anyway just to see. It fits. I turned the crank and the flywheel/pressure plate does not interfere with anything inside. Now being a little bit more rational this morning, I will wait until the full box is back and see if I can play around with it. In the meantime I am going to to see if I can get a drive plate for my input shaft, as Kennedy's plate is only a Sach's unit anyway.

I guess what I am most dissappointed by is the complate lack of listening to the customer. I could not have spelled it out more clearly in my set of requirements. At least the situation may be recoverable in one of three ways:

1/ get an 016 and be the test mule of Stu's gearset
2/ wait for the box to come back and see the fitment and if it works get a new driveplate and pilot bearing (I didn't like thier roller bearing anyway)
3/ speak to Fran and Chris about their adaptor


Sorry to hear about your woes,
Hope you manage to get it sorted soon.
Gissa ring if there's anything I can do to help.


Dont give up over the clutch plate and spigot being wrong.

A few deep breaths leave it for a few days and go at it slowly you will get it worked out.

For what it is worth to others.
I have used Cris for a Chev to G50 flywheel and am very happy with the results.


Ron Earp

It appears that lots of folks have had issues with KED. And, a good thing that has come out of the thread that I'm betting a lot of people didn't know about are other sources such as RCR, MDA, and Chris. RCR customers, and I assume MDA customers, knew their respective manufactuers made some of these parts, but I've never seen Chris (flatchat) let anyone know about his wares in this respect. I am not guy shy about using overseas folks for cars or parts, but RCR is now doing the parts I need for my box thus I'm sourcing there.

The KED stuff was fine in my instance (since passed on since I'm not using an 016 and now RCR has started doing it which I would have used in the first place). But the customer interaction was far from optimal with seemingly 10 indians and no chief in that outfit. I'm sure these guys listed above will do a better job on that end of things, much better. I've got nothing against KED. It is just a shame to see a company that offers a needed product suffer due to business practices they could correct if they were aware of it and were interested in improving.



Thanks for your considerations chaps.:eek: As the ZF-- is the prefered traditional transaxle for the GT40 Mk1. The next best, simple option is the Porsche G50 (or 930) which is what we run with --to take all the horse power and torque that you guys keep talking about ,then we chose four V8 motor types that would most likely be road registerable in Aus. ie. Ford Windsor(traditional) Ford modular (4.6-5.4) Chev LS1-7 and the Lexus.
We often get enquiries for other motor / trans. configurations which we would be happy to do, but I need data, like bolt pattern coodinates for the engine bell housing,crank/flywheel --the transaxle bell bolt pattern,clutch etc etc.(eg.we set up to do Audi 016 then everyone wants 01E or AO--x or what ever --a bit confusing as they've all got different idiosyncracies) We are steadily building a library for all these possibilities-- its a hobby, and I'm not that sure that is a viable proposition, whilst trying to meet the middle market.
The high end builders know what they want and have the cash to do so.

All the best, Chipper !;)


For what it is worth, today I received the adaptor plate, starter, flywheel and clutch which I ordered from KEP about four weeks ago. It was delivered right on schedule. The parts looked like they were good quality. A brief and concise set of directions was included. The necessary bolts and bits were also included. Won't now for sure if all is well until I start installing the goodies, but at this point KEP delivered what I ordered exactly when they said they would.

I have ordered several adaptor kits from KEP and so far I have been happy with their service. The parts have been well made and delivery has been on time although it does take them longer than would seem necessary to get some of their kits done.