Kit build in single garage

Hi everyone.

Been lurking on the forum for a while obsessing about starting my own GT40 build. There were three things holding me back from starting a kit build:

1) Money. Now sorted with a healthy bonus coming my way.
2) Time. Have approval from the Mrs to spend tonne of time in the garage.
3) Space. This the one I'm struggling with and would like some advice.

I have larger than normal single car garage (19' x 14.5' loosing 2.5' down the side for a bench). Am I dreaming to even consider a kit build given that space limitation?

I'm thinking go for a RF Kit (being Melbourne based and knowing my limits w.r.t fabrication versus assembly) and was wondering if people think this project is feasible given then space I have available.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Not an RF but Trevor Summers started his Tornado build in a single garage. Have a look at the first few pages of his build log "GT40 Builder"
Its certainly possible, and you can always wheel it out side for the really big bits. The key will be organisation and planning.

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Welcome out of the shadows Adrian!

There are a few guys that have built in a single space... Not easy I would say - but doable.. Just need to make things portable enough where you can move boxes and equipment out of your way from time to time.
Hi Criss I am sure where there is a will there is away, if you store the front and rear clip and doors somewere away from the garage it may help but bewere of the clips distorting when not with the car.

(being Melbourne based and knowing my limits w.r.t fabrication versus assembly) and was wondering if people think this project is feasible given then space I have available).

After reading this part of you post have you considered looking at DRB as they suply their cars with the body assembled on the chassis,could save time and stress. Not trying to sway you away from the RF, just giving options.

Darrell DRB G50/ls1
My garage is 12' x 24' with a bench down one side and tool boxes across the end... it's like fixing a chair while sitting in it... but to fulfill the wish there is always a way...:)

My shed is 16ft * 14ft, my chassis is on movable trestles and I have the rear clip and a few other bits on some shelving in my single garage with my car parked underneath.

So yours is already bigger than mine :)


I have a single garage in the UK and am building my GTD:

I am lucky that the garage is detached fromt he house and I knicked a bit of the garden and built a lean-to on the side measuring about 14x8. In there I have shelving benches, 150ltr compressor, pillar drills, sandblasting cabinet, mini lathe vices etc. It sjust takes some coordination with some of the tools.

I have a bench across the back with shelves and drawers underneath. I have also built a storage shelve over the door opening.

You will get creative at ideas for storage ;)

The other thing is, if you have a popup Gazebo and a easy way to roll your car in out out of your garage (build table), then your drive can give you a lot more space and room around the car.

I have a Big Double basement garage but also have 2 other vehicles that share the space so in reality my area is less than yours and I'm doing a scratch build so means I fabricate everything in there as well, I do have the opion to move the other vehicles out but to be honest I don't very often bother, you just work with what you have. I have 600mm on the ends and down one side of my table. Check "M20dreaming" you will see. Cheers Leon, and good luck.
Once you make the investment you'll find a way. Much easier in a big shop, but it has been routinely accomplished in some very small spaces!
Farhad (aka the Iron Sheik) built both his GTD - gt40 and his cobra in a one car garage with a car lift in it too!! it can be done - - If I can find the photo I'll post it - photo was previously on the forum but i can't find it now
Good idea with going local and using RF, their support is awesome and the product is as good as any.

I built my current 40 in a single garage. I had no problems at all in fact I did all the alloy panel work on an RF which I built up to a roller in the same little shed. Just pack away at the end of the day so you're not tripping over things.
Adrian, yes you can build a GT40 kit in a space that size, you just need to get creative. Looked at the numbers and you could even fit in working on the drivetrain in that space as well.

Some good suggestions so far.

To me making everything rolling will be the key.

Building a rolling frame to sit the chassis on will allow you to move the chassis as required to get the space you need to work on it. Even push chassis outside as required. You can also put a shelf on the bottom of the trolley to store parts etc. You seldom need to get under the kit while building, for those odd occasions you can just clear the parts out the way.

You can also build a rolling frame for engine and transaxle when they are not mounted in the kit. That way you can wheel them out of the way.

You don't actually need all the body panels during the build. For example do you have some parents etc with space that can store the front, rear clips, doors, nostril panel, sills, spyder while they are not required. Same goes for some of the parts.

I would shop around and look closely at all the GT40 kit offerings in Australia. Considering the time and money you will put into the build, it is certainly worth putting the effort into thoroughly researching all kit options. This will ensure you purchase the kit that suits you best.

"Have approval from the Mrs to spend tonne of time in the garage." Gotta love that!!!

Good luck with it.
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Craig's suggestion is a good one! I have almost everything on roller-carts. Occasionally I will move the bodywork out of the garage to fully access the chassis for engine/gearbox installation, etc.

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The Sheik built in that space? Good God, he must be a small guy!

I see you are in Rohnert Park, its a nice area, I lived in Cotati for 10 years back in the 70s'.
Not to mention, he kept tripping over his Bisht. The Ghutra head wear kept blocking his view and got caught in the DA sander. ;-)
Hi Adrian,

I did all the work on my scratchbuilt GT40 in a garage almost identical in size to your's. As people have said jut need to organize.