Knock Knock

Consider upgrading to wider pushrods maybe (that will fit). I was amazed to see the difference in strength in wider pushrods vs thicker pushrods. Saw a video of pushrods at 9000 rpm and they looked like wet I went with Manton series 5 rods on my car. They use a molten salt heat treating process and have a really high tensile strength. $250 well spent IMO.
Is this 302w hyd cam?, wouldnt 9k capable pushrods be a little bit overkill. FWIW failure of posi loc's ( if that is what Robert would seem to have in his engine ) is not uncommon at the point where allen screw contacts end of rocker stud, due to overtightening or incorrect heat treat of the posiloc.
Doug - Yes, the push rod is what I meant. I was able to find the head as it snapped off in one piece.

My hypothesis is that the set screw was over tightened. Comp Cams, and several other youtube videos, emphasize to only tighten these down to 25ft lbs. Seems that there is some underlying theme there!

I will backing all of them off and re-tightening them accordingly. I will also do a compression check on that cylinder to make sure the valve never hit the piston. However, I find that unlikely since there was no tension whatsoever on that valve when I discovered it. It was closed for sure.