KVA / SGT build


This is just a heads-up if you use the Audi/VW 01E transmissions and a converter kit, you better measure before building the stuff into your car! My transmissions leaked after 600 km, so it got disassembled out of the car. Fig. 1 shows the status after a while. In fig 2 you see the result when using a standard 01E with an aluminium adapter plate and an off the shelf roller bearing housing. The transmission shaft sits only 5mm in a 14mm diameter bearing, that causes a pretty short lifetime. The situation with the bearing inside the transmission is the same and also needs to be exchanged, fig 3, togehter with the damaged sealing. If everything runs well, I am back on the street next Sunday ...


Udo, that's really good info. Although I have an 01x and will be running less HP than yourself, its certainly good to know as I have the same roller bearing as yourself and an almost identical set-up.


There are two different lengths of input shaft for the 01E (possibly the 01X also). I'm not entirely certain which versions are fitted with the long or the short but it's possible you have a "short" one and the kit was designed for the "long". Or you have a "long" already and the adaptor is flawed and needs more engagement on the input shaft for the bearing.