KVA / SGT build


This is just a heads-up if you use the Audi/VW 01E transmissions and a converter kit, you better measure before building the stuff into your car! My transmissions leaked after 600 km, so it got disassembled out of the car. Fig. 1 shows the status after a while. In fig 2 you see the result when using a standard 01E with an aluminium adapter plate and an off the shelf roller bearing housing. The transmission shaft sits only 5mm in a 14mm diameter bearing, that causes a pretty short lifetime. The situation with the bearing inside the transmission is the same and also needs to be exchanged, fig 3, togehter with the damaged sealing. If everything runs well, I am back on the street next Sunday ...


Udo, that's really good info. Although I have an 01x and will be running less HP than yourself, its certainly good to know as I have the same roller bearing as yourself and an almost identical set-up.


There are two different lengths of input shaft for the 01E (possibly the 01X also). I'm not entirely certain which versions are fitted with the long or the short but it's possible you have a "short" one and the kit was designed for the "long". Or you have a "long" already and the adaptor is flawed and needs more engagement on the input shaft for the bearing.


The Fourty is back on the street, first tests show a hugh difference when driving with proper connection between engine and gearbox. Let‘s figure out if this was all, or if more childhood diseases will occur.

Welding on the Falcon is done, all seams primer coated and sealed, fig 2, and now, the fun part starts, which is assembling Mustang parts to the Falcon, and to modify the original parts as needed. The Shelby drop on the front suspensions requires a substantial reduction of the upper control arms to avoid collision. Flanges were cut off and new ones for stiffness reasons welded on (didn‘t I mention welding to be done?), fig 4. Mustang competition sway bar and links to the lower control arm where last things to do on the weekend, fig 3. All original remaining / useable suspension parts will go to paint next week, and assembled afterwards, to bring the Falcon back to own wheels.



After two weeks of driving, the water hoses unter the steering gear became leaky, most water ran into drivers side inside the vehicle. Luckily, Mick introduced a servive cover, so I could reach the concerned clamps relative easily, fig 1. All original clamps got replaced by ABA types, twice where possible, in order to close this issue forever (at least for the next couple of years, I hope), fig 2.

Also there is some progress with the Falcon, now on own wheels, fig 3. The appointment with the safety cage welder is beginning of January, some I‘m a month ahead, so much luck!

More to follow, Udo





I only used T Bolts in my build, still had a leak mind you one hose was slightly too big i guess silicon are less forgiving than rubber, got a new one now have to drain the system to fit and its exactly the same one you had leak Udo!!


This looks like the ultimate heavy duty solution. I hope that I will get around it. Thanks anyway, Udo


Some Falcon updates (it‘s too rainy/cold/salty for the GT40). The „interieur panels“ made of 1mm aluminium are installed, fig. 1. They may vibrate during use, but the Falcon will become a race car, so no worries about that. Also, I added a custom made foot rest into the car, real lightweight, fig 2.
Currently, the Falcon is at the safety cage builder, to add some weight that I tried to save beforehand, but FIA rules are not for discussion. More to follow, Udo



The cage builder did a nice job, cage build to FIA-spec, and a little bit beyond, fig 1. During that time, I took the opportunity to work on portering the cylinder heads of the 289, fig 2, and on the fuel pumps plus pressure valve, fig 3. After getting the car back this Friday, the “drivetrain“ and my home-made engine mounts got installed first time (the 302 engine block isn’t final, just a blankholder). What turned out is that the Borg-Warner T-10 will require some reasonable work on the tunnel - my hope to be done with sheet metal work and related welding proofed to be not true, but that‘s ok also.




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Today was a quite productive one. First, new wiring for the connection from fuel tanks to primary fuel pumps installed, and assembled into the vehicle. Fuel filters were attached to the fuel pumps to avoid noises and waer with cable retainers and rubber mat.

Majority of the build day was about installing the engine to the Audi gear box. The adaptor kit worked half way, some modifications required (engine starter bolts with collision to gear box, missing holes in adaptor plate), but after some rework, everything fitted together nicely. Reinforced clutch was easy to assemble, and finally the gearbox made it to the engine. Also, the bowden wire attachment to the gearbox got installed, good stuff, all works perfect, at least at this stage.

Christmas is close, my wish to install the engine soon may become truth ...

More to follow,

What clutch do you have in it?
I need to sort a clutch and flywheel