Lexus 1UZ-FE to Audi 012 / 01E adapter

Guys, I'm getting a Lexus 1UZ-FE to Audi adapter plate made up as per Doug's plans:
1TG – Design & Build of the One Tonne Guerilla » Toyota 1UZ-FE Engine to Audi 012 Transmission (Porsche G86) Adapter Drawings.
Only difference is it would be 6082 T6 rather than 6061

As ever making more than one is cheaper (per item) than making just the one so before I hit 'go' does anyone else want one?

Cost will be £200 +Delivery and will *just* be the plate (no bolts, studs or flywheel). I'm making nothing off this btw (well ok mine will be £5 cheaper :)) and not getting more than the two made, cost to me for one is £275, cost for two is £395.